Contractual Obligation?

Yikes, how the mighty have fallen.  I sat through Bill Maher’s new HBO special last night, and was embarrassed for him, for HBO, and for those of us on the Left.  Talk about phoning it in.  I can write better material than that, (and, without stealing jokes from other comedians) and I can hardly string 2 sentences together.  Bill, buddy, I’m a huge fan of your show.  Your last special was pretty good too, at least it was topical and clever and somewhat biting.  This one?  Rehashed old bits about W, and to a large extent he is hardly relevant anymore.  I’ll match my Liberal credentials against anyone’s, and I was actually uncomfortable through a good portion of your tired schtick.  I think you were obligated to do this one, right?  One of the things I like about Left leaning comedians is that they are head and shoulders smarter and funnier than anyone on the Right.  We own humor, they got the slogans.  Its all they have.  You saw what happened to Dennis Miller when he whored himself out to the Right?  He had to “dumb down” his material, and it killed his career.

I’ll watch you next Sept, though, your guests and New Rules make me laugh every week.  If you need to do another Special, see if Colbert can loan out his writers…



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6 responses to “Contractual Obligation?

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  2. I thought it was OK, but wtf was he wearing? Those clothes were not right for him. I might not be a fashion queen, but he just looked weird.

  3. Maher has always rubbed me the wrong way…he can be entirely too vicious for my tastes, especially when he goes on the attack against Christians. I have heard him spew out a LOT of hate. I just don’t think that is either smart or funny.

    On the other hand, Colbert is my hero.

  4. oh, and I would much rather listen to you tell jokes, Mack…than Maher even on his best day… 🙂

  5. Eli, he always pushes the fashion limits, I keep waiting for the pirate shirt to show up.

    Ginger, appreciate it, but I don’t mind when he’s vicious, unless thats all he he has, which was my take on this special. I suppose he was firming up his position with the “base”, but really, any Liberal and most Dems already agree with the bulk of his positions, so he should just concentrate on being funny.

  6. Rick Maynard

    I’m with Eli. I think he performed solidly, even if he wasn’t quite at the top of his game.

    But he’s got at least 20 years on me, and I’m far too old to dress like he did. In fact, I think most college kids are too old to wear what he was wearing.

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