Disclaimers Implied

I am beginning to be disturbed by what is, at least for me, a new trend of posting for manipulation.  I’ve seen way more of it than I think is healthy, but it wasn’t until I read Kat’s post that I decided to write this.  Seems she decided to delete a post she’d written so as not to offend the wrong people.  I understand that.  I have to say I applaud that decision.  (I should make it clear that I’m not saying Kat’s piece would have been manipulative, but, rather, I’m saying that she apparently felt that some people may have assumed, incorrectly, that the post was about them).

I understand that we all use manipulative techniques from time to time, but I’ve grown weary of lazily written “heartfelt” posts that really don’t say enough to make it clear what the author means, thereby inviting his/her readers to wonder if there is some “hidden message” meant for them.  Cryptic posts strike me as manipulative, intended to get the last word in, or to invite affirmations from loyal readers.  Maybe the posts are intended to invoke guilt in the hopes that the author can bring about some desired result.  I just have to say I don’t care for them.  And, I should say here, that no one author or post provoked this thread.  (Clearly, it takes effort to insure one is not being manipulative, as this post could be seen as somewhat manipulative.)

I’m sure someone will point out to me that in and of itself, manipulation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  As an activist, I do intend to educate and sway, and yes, sometimes I am angling for someone to act.  I am hoping to separate this from the inter-personal though.  Then again, I could be way off base here.  Whoda thunk it?



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6 responses to “Disclaimers Implied

  1. nm

    I’m always sure that half of those cryptic posts are just the result of lousy writing skills. You have no idea how many people there are who can’t communicate clearly in writing who think they can….

  2. I hear what you’re saying, Mack. However, sometimes “cryptic” or brief posts can be merely because the writer had a thought and just wants to put it out there into the universe. Not for a reaction, but just to express their thoughts or something that touches them at that moment.

    For instance…yesterday, I put a post up with a poem and a picture with a saying on it. I didn’t elaborate…I didn’t feel led to, because I felt like both messages were powerful within themselves. Both of those things touched my heart and I felt that it might touch someone else. And it did. That gave me satisfaction in knowing that something inspiring to me was also for them.

    There are times that just good ‘ol fashioned paranoia plays into it when I have wondered if a post was directed at me. So, sometimes it isn’t always a writer issue…it’s a reader issue.

    That said, I do not believe that blogging always has to be a message to somebody in particular. Sometimes it can be just a way of expressing oneself even if nobody reads it at all.

    Anyway…there’s my .89 cents worth (.02 adjusted for inflation).

  3. I guess I don’t get what you mean by a cryptic post. Sometimes something may look cryptic to me but to a bloggers bloggy-friends, it’s quite obvious it’s just an inside joke and I’m not on the inside yet. Fair enough.

    I look at blogs as personal space. I going to say what I want and if someone thinks it’s banal, boring, snooze-inducing, cryptic, etc., too bad, go ahead and leave.

    I reserve the right to post what I want and offend whom I want, and if I change my mind and decide to not inflict the wrath of the karma gods and delete a post then I will do that too.

  4. All good thoughts, and I certainly agree that one’s blog is truly one’s own space, do what you will.

  5. Can I post about feral groundhogs, because, you know, that’s cool?
    Howdy and, yeah, having a bit of a freak out in Hooterville. But, that comes and go.
    Or medication, which ever comes first.

  6. That’s funny that you say that, because I deleted that post for exactly the reason you mentioned.

    I felt if I had left it up it would have served only to widen any rifts as opposed to healing them.

    And, ironically, I don’t know if any of the players involved actually still read my blog in the first place.

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