They are gone.   The Tamale Lady, Carmen, , Eduardo, and Leticia no longer live in Tennessee.  While we were on vacation, they made a move to another State, in part at my behest.  I indeed counseled this family to consider re-locating to a more immigrant friendly state.  Her paperwork was a mess, she in fact had a work permit that expired last year, and she has been exploited by both an inept bureaucracy and unethical Notarios.  Frustrated and broke, she gave up trying to run the ridiculous gauntlet that is our immigration system.  Instead, she worked hard, and put money aside for her children’s future.

I knew it was coming, but it hurt that it happened while I away.  I know where they live, and we talked for awhile last night on my cell, but I cannot adequately convey how damned heartbroken I am.  I loved that entire family.

Then, as if on cue, some light on a dark day.   It seems my good friends Stephen and Suzanna’s baby decided to make his arrival yesterday, 6 weeks early, but apparently both he and Mama are healthy.  Oliver Thomas is his name.  His dad informs me that he will go by the Greek variant that sounds alot like Eli.  Welcome, little man, and I’m laughing because you have no idea how lucky you are to have these people charged with your care.  Yasou!



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9 responses to “Heartbreak

  1. Mack, I’m so sorry to hear about your friends leaving.
    I’m glad there was some balance with something good.

  2. Jon

    Ditto, that’s very sad news. Makes me deeply ashamed of the intolerance in our state that drove them away.

  3. NOOOOO! I wanted to see them again! They warmed my heart SO much…what a wonderful family that I am so thankful that I got to spend time with, if even for only a day.

    For that, I have you to thank, Mack.

    Please keep me updated on their situation, as I will be keeping them in my prayers and close to my heart.

  4. Thanks, guys. I am literally throwing up sick about it. it feels like a death in many ways. It’s hard to grasp, even for me, how close those people were to me.

  5. nm

    Yeah, I’m sure it hurts. But it’s better for them. We know how hard it is to negotiate the hard for me/good for you thing with kids, but sometimes it comes up with friends, too. We forget about that, because it’s much more unusual, so it smacks us in the face with a lot more startlement. At least you’ll get to hear the updates on how things become more secure for them. But, ouch.

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  7. Hey Mack, the commenting works over at my place it’s just sometimes you need to reload the page. I guess it’s some Blogger/Haloscan thing.

  8. Mack,
    I hope things work out better for your friends in their new location, but I will certainly miss their kitchen delicacies.
    And congrats on the new baby in your circle. Glad everyone is healthy.

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