The Dells

We’re back.  Amazing trip.  Seeing the kid’s reactions to Lake Michigan was priceless.  I’ll have more on the Chula Vista Resort, and my opportunity to go on a press junket to the area’s most popular theme park in the days to come.  660 miles later, this is all I got for now…



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6 responses to “The Dells

  1. HaloScan commeting now available at Southern Beale. All for YOU.

    I hope you appreciate it!

  2. Welcome home!!!!!

  3. nm

    How’s the chicken coop coming?

  4. Thanks, Ginger.

    NM, I am reinforcing the corners today, then cutting rafters all week, since it’s too hot to do much at one time. Your eggs will have to wait. I did buy two cows, though.

  5. nm

    What, for real? What breed? Are their names Sue and Bossy?

    Too bad about the eggs, though. Because my Cherokee Purple tomatoes, well, I shouldn’t brag, because all I did was plant some transplants, but they are the most delicious tomatoes I have ever grown or, I think, eaten.

  6. New cows?!? Are they as cute as these here ones? 🙂

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