Lies, Damn Lies, and Polls

Ginger sent me this story today.  Strange set of circumstances, but what really struck me, and ultimately where I found some humor, is that the poll offered reflects that 3 out of 10 readers thought this woman should be deported.  There is, I suppose, some solace that the overwhelming number of people responding to the poll took a reasonable position, but that 30% did not is a good example of the current immigration debate.  In fact, I think it is roughly 3 out of ten Americans that are so desperate to find a reason for their unhappiness that any scapegoat will do.  They are clearly susceptible to the propaganda emitting from their radios and television.  Even after hearing the facts, and presented with every logical argument against their position that exists, they will cling to the notion that undocumented workers are somehow threatening to their “way of life.”

I will probably post again about this story, if for no other reason than to see if the poll changes dramatically.  But that 3 out of 10 just leaped out at me…

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One response to “Lies, Damn Lies, and Polls

  1. nm

    I believe that the expression I’m looking for is “this beggars belief.”

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