Ball-less in Robertson County

Last Spring, our mare gave birth to a beautiful foal, a colt we (the kids) named Arras. He had two days worth of colostrum, which was fortunate, and we were able to keep him alive by bottle feeding him roughly every four hours ALL LAST SUMMER. Well, Arras now weighs in around 530 lbs, he’s 13 months, and has started to become a stallion. Plus, he doesn’t fear us, of course, because he equates us with food and grooming, so he doesn’t understand why he can’t run up to us at full speed, or nudge and bite like the other horses let him do. So, today, he is officially nut-less. The Vet came, sedated him, and he crashed to the ground with me holding his lead rope. The Vet then spilt open his nut-sack, and pried his testicles out. Almost as soon as he tossed them aside, Rocky had gobbled them up. He should be a tad mellower in the future. Like the Vet said, stallions are like Governors, every state only needs one…mvc-016f.jpg


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33 responses to “Ball-less in Robertson County

  1. The Vet then spilt open his nut-sack, and pried his testicles out. Almost as soon as he tossed them aside, Rocky had gobbled them up.

    Thank God I’m a city girl…

  2. nm

    Awwwww. There are few things more adorable than foals running around and playing.

  3. That’s a visual for you. Holy moly. I’m a girl and that description makes me wince.

    Sounds awfully sweet, though. The horse, not the prying out of testicles.

  4. That Rocky. He tickles me. He’s really committed to this whole sustainable farming thing, isn’t he? He’s not going to let anything go to waist.

  5. Is it not better to not have an animal instead of mutilating it?

  6. Eli, my young little friend, let me clue you in on a few things. First of all, every animal I have is either spayed or nutered. It’s the responsible thing to do. Cats stay close to home, so they are not hit by cars or mauled by larger cats. They also don’t go around breeding. Ditto with dogs. Its for them, and ultimately, for the greater good, as people will not have to deal with unwanted kittens and puppies. Now, stallions go about 1000 pounds, and they view EVERYTHING, including their owners, as potentially threatening to their place in the herd. Picture this, you are standing in the pasture, minding your own business, when a mare comes into heat, and the 1000 pound animal decides you are competition. He becomes a killing machine, you become killed. Now, this fine animal will not care about breeding, and he will accept a place well down the herd hierchy, where I am the stallion in his eyes. Tell you what, feel free to come with me to breed this mare next time, and stand in the stall with a 1000 pound horse sportin a 2 ft erection. I will live-blog it.

  7. I am the stallion in his eyes.

    hmmmm…when I think of you, the first thing that has always come to my mind is, “oooh, that Mack: what a stallion.” (or stud, as it were…)

    …sportin a 2 ft erection. I will live-blog it.

    Live-blog? I think anything with a 2-ft. erection should be broadcast on CNN.

    hee…this has turned into such a fun thread…right down my alley, I tell ya! 😉

  8. …but using my logic——if one didn’t like the nature of a stallion——then one would not own a stallion.

  9. Eli, take a course, dude. All male horses will eventually become stallions, unless you remove the source of testosterone. We didn’t order him from the internet, Man, he was just born. It’s a little bit like saying if you didn’t want a homicidal 300 lb teenager, you shouldn’t have had kids.

  10. Clearly ~~ however, did you not buy the parents of the potential stallion? Which leads me back to my point: if one doesn’t like the nature of an animal, don’t own the animal.

  11. You put down a mean dog so it doesn’t hurt people. Same thing. Stallions can kill. This isn’t some intellectual exercise, Eli, and you don’t know what you are talking about.

  12. Great, go with the ole ad hominem. And no, killing a dog is not the same as cutting off its balls.

  13. Eli, if you think THATS ad hominem, count your blessings. Every knowledgeable horse owner will tell you that the animal is happier, safer, and way more useful. ALL animals not meant for breeding should be spayed/neutured.

    Who said killing a dog was the same? The point is that people’s safety and the animals ultimate purpose is key. Always.

  14. Clearly, I do not agree with you.

  15. …this has turned into such a fun thread…

    Well, it did for about a minute.


    But seriously, the safety of people should always come first. Always. Part of the responsibility that Mack has is to ensure the safety of the smaller animals and most importantly the people who are around the stallion. As a visitor of his farm, I am really glad he gets that. And why keep a stallion? As a worker, of course. This concept is nothing new…

  16. Are you suggesting that a horse is merely an instrument, and thus has no intrinsic value?

  17. Eliyahu, are you against spaying and neutering cats and dogs as well?

  18. People shit themselves. It’s their inherent nature–look at babies. Should we not potty train children because it goes against their intrinsic nature?

  19. That’s completely different. You’re not preventing the child from shitting, nor are you removing any of the child’s body parts.

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  21. Eli, what’s your view on birth control (both male and female)? (I’m not “crucifying” you, I’m just curious…)

  22. I have nothing against a consenting person (or persons) using birth control.

  23. Eli, when you recover from being crucified, please explain how circumcision is not mutililation.

  24. nm

    I disagree profoundly with E about the suitability of gelding farm animals, but I want to point out that circumcision at least lets a guy engage in and enjoy sex.

  25. Circumcision still allows one to use the organ. Castration doesn’t. This has nothing to do with “suitability,” rather, the violation of the reproductive rights of another living being!

  26. nm

    What’s your feeling about the domestication of animals, then? Because by definition, the reproductive rights of domesticated animals are controlled by humans.

  27. Ok, so it’s not the mutilation part, then. Now were on about reproductive rights of another living being. I’ve seen you wolf down a healthy plate of meat, my friend, what to do about the actual living rights of another living thing? You do not own anything, therefor it seems quite easy to pass judgement on those that do, and are responsible about it.

  28. Um…humans are omnivores…

  29. Speaking of wolves, they regularly violate the reproductive rights of other wolves. Only the alpha pair reproduces. Shall we protest alpha wolves? Or what about male lions who will kill the previous cubs to make room for his own?

    There’s no inherent right to reproduce, as far as I can tell.

  30. Circumcision still allows one to use the organ. Castration doesn’t.

    So, what is your view of when a kid gets a tonsillectomy/adnoidectomy in order to prevent throat infections? I mean, it wouldn’t harm them to leave the organs in, but removing them does help prevent reproduction of bacteria in the child’s body if the child is prone to those types of illnesses.

    Is that mutilation?

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