Note to Self

Boundary joists add 3 inches to your sub-floor, so remember this when cutting expensive 3/4 inch Exterior Grade Plywood, you moron.



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13 responses to “Note to Self

  1. Photos would make it so much easier for those of us without chicken coop building skills to understand what you’re talking about…

  2. Thanks for popping by to visit, Mack! See, G-Mail wasn’t so hard, was it?


  3. nm

    Measure twice, cut once.

  4. Oh, go make some fry bread.

  5. …but you’re so good at building office furniture…what happened?

  6. nm

    Awwww, Mack, that’s OK. Once my tomatoes are ripe I’ll make you some fry bread and tomatoes. Or I’ll eat the fry bread while throwing tomatoes at you. I’m growing Cherokee purple tomatoes, so it ought to look fairly spectacular. Or something. If you weren’t messing the chicken coop up so badly I’d offer to trade them for some eggs, but, you know….

  7. nm,
    you make me laugh.

  8. nm

    Newscoma, at least I make someone laugh. I keep trying to make Mack laugh, but it doesn’t work. Hey, do you think that if I used a less aggressive form of humor … nah, that can’t be it.

  9. I keep trying to make Mack laugh, but it doesn’t work.

    That’s why I call Mack “Grumpy Old Man”. hehehe

  10. Mack

    Sorry, NM, appreciated the jab, but I unplug alot these days…Email me when you have a minute, btw.

  11. nm

    I’d be glad to, but I don’t have your address. Can’t find it on the About Me page….

  12. nm,
    you could sing him a song to cheer him up. I choose a song like “Afternoon Delight” or something from La boheme. That might work.
    Maybe not, he’s the chicken coop building guy right now.

  13. nm

    I won’t sing Puccini under any circumstances. And singing Verdi in chicken-coop circumstances is just wrong. But it might not be inappropriate to sing some of Die Zauberflote, I guess.

    Hey, Mack: “Ein vogelfanger bin ich, ya ….” Nobody can be grumpy through that.

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