My Last Post

I had all night to think it over. I didn’t so much toss and turn as just lay there, exhausted, wanting so much to not have to deal with this because its way more painful than I thought it would be. So I couldn’t sleep until I made up my mind:

I’m not ever going to post about TV again. (Hey! I can be somewhat Chase-like too!)

For what it is worth, I’ve seen every Sopranos episode. I’ve been a loyal viewer for what, eight years now? It used to piss me off when they would hiatus for TWO YEARS between seasons. Yet, I’d set my VCR, and later, my DVR every Sunday night to record this show.

I watch television, I don’t dissect it. I was actually shocked to learn that there are people, and I mean a LOT of people that analyse each damn frame of every episode. Kat got me reading Alan Sepinwall, and he got me reading Television Without Pity (though I won’t return there, the format is maddening for me). But while I was there , I learned some things I didn’t know after last night’s Series’s Finale. Here are but a few:

1. The orange cat was Adriana.

2. The scene in which Carmela was perusing the brochure was really her planning her next life sans Tony.

3. The Finale was about the viewers POV.

Your mileage may vary.

35,000 comments on the last episode, and all I really know is that I was glued to my seat, actually friggin nervous every scene. I was completely engrossed, and in the end, that’s entertainment. I don’t care to read anything else into it.

But it is fun to read what everyone else thinks. Thanks HBO. One day I’ll forgive you for canceling Deadwood and bringing us”John from Cincinnati.”



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3 responses to “My Last Post

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  2. I didn’t keep up with the Sops, but I like your fun posts like this. It is a much-welcome diversion from the yuk of the last week.


  3. I want “Rome” back 😦