My Wartime Consigliere

After a great deal of thought, I’m picking Lynnster as my closest counsel. She has stayed in this fight over at Tiny Cat Pants for days already. She is fiercely, and I mean FIERCELY loyal, and I may need that one day, if I ever go to the mattresses. I wore out on the whole Brad thing long ago, he is stubbornly clinging to a losing argument, and Lynnster ain’t having a bit of it. God love her. Take the cannoli, leave the friggin coffee.

Got mad love for ya, Lynnster.



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6 responses to “My Wartime Consigliere

  1. Well, my last response to him was “Yawn,” so I dunno that I’m hanging in there all that much at this point. Which, he truly really is starting to bore me a bunch. Well, not that I wasn’t finding him pretty boring a long time ago anyway.

    But yeah, I always got your back, Don Coyote. Happy to be of counsel and I won’t even charge you my usually exorbitant retainer fee. :p

  2. PS – Borrowing from Lindsey’s excellently placed comment yesterday (“Check out the big brain on Brad!”), I may just start responding to him only with lines from the Brad scenes of Pulp Fiction and see if that makes him get bored and go away more quickly.

  3. I’m suddenly craving a Royale with cheese…

  4. Does that make you Le Big Mack? Hahaha…

  5. hahahahaha…for a sock-puppet, Lynnster, you are damn funny!

  6. Applause for Lynnster.

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