Thanks, Everyone

Pretty good time last night at B’s Beantown bash.  I got to meet quite a few people, I drank a little, danced a  little, sang a little.  I learned Slarti is a born performer.  I learned Kat is not.  (Actually, the crazy woman got up on stage and paid homage to Warren Zevon, howls and all, and I was truly impressed.)  Mightly Plimco showed up, entourage in tow, and owned the place.  She does a better Cyndi Lauper than, well, Cyndi Lauper.  That whole family is good looking.  I got to meet Karsten, (Kateo’s old man) and he and I traded barbs outside for a good hour.  He’s funny, but nowhere near as smart as me.  John Lamb showed up, dropped a bombshell on me, (which I cannot share at this moment) then left.  I always enjoy seeing John.  Jon from Mushin No Shin patiently listened to my scattered thoughts and never once made me feel stupid.  He’s easy to hang with, and laughs easily.  Of course, Kate O was her usual funny, beautiful self.

Ginger can sing, wow.  Ivy can dance, again, wow. NM came and hung out, and set me straight on a few things.  The Professor glided in with a man toy, stuck her fingers into my tequila and dotted her boobs with Patron.

Jag, Big Orange Michael, and some others I hope will forgive me for not mentioning them, I clearly do not possess the power of recall that I used to have.

Aunt B, you have many friends, you should be proud of that.  Everyone kicked in, and though I don’t know the exact total, I think she more than covered her costs. (some people donated via PayPal) Aunt B was such a good sport, she sang with whoever asked her,  which is more than I can say, though I got dragged onstage to ruin Love Shack.

I hope everyone had a good time, I know I did, and I’m just proud of this group of people.  Big shout out to Ginger for doing most of the legwork on this, she is generous with her time and loves to hang out with her peeps.  Thanks.

Oh, shit, I accidentally called Brittney, Bridget.  I remember that. She was classy about it.  Why do I think it will somehow come back to haunt me?


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19 responses to “Thanks, Everyone

  1. That was a blast.

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  3. Had a great time, Mark! I mean MACK.

  4. I guess i had that comin…

  5. nice job are one Mack-in host and Mack-daddy of a party-giver. I appreciate how you worked this for B (and for being clever enough to get G and I to do the heavy lifting!).

    Always a pleasure to see you..

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  7. What a total blast!!!!

    I’m still recovering and my memory from last night is slowly returning!

    One thing is fo sho…I’ve made friends with some of the coolest people on the planet! I mean, really…who else would tolerate me continually tying cherry stems in a knot with my tongue and asking them if I could grab their ass every few minutes, the ENTIRE night? Ah, the fog of vanilla vodka & Diet Coke…

    Good times. Good times, indeed.

  8. Two words for you, DrunkDrunkGinger: Sexual Tourette’s. 😉

  9. uh, the ‘I’ in my comment above was referring to IVY..not the ‘I’ that is ME.

  10. Ivy can dance, again, wow.

    Aww, shucks. I fucking LOVE to dance. Next stop: Dancing With the Stars. (As soon as I become a celebrity and all)

  11. Ivy, you already are a celebrity in our book!

    …and to your badbadivy, I raise you a drunkdrunkginger.

  12. nm

    Mack, thanks for dreaming this up. I had a blast, and if by setting you straight you mean I nodded when you said I was wrong and that you could outfight me, I remember that. 🙂

  13. And didn’t Ginger get invited back on Tuesday to date the fire department? That was pretty hilarious too.

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  15. Jon

    It was certainly good to meet you sir, and thanks for putting together such a great shindig!

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  17. bridgett

    Brittney’s way cooler than me, Mack. What were you thinking?

  18. Ain’t nobody cooler than you, Bridgett. Cept maybe me. 🙂

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