To Recovering Baptist

Boy, did you ask the million dollar question.  Yes, I think the act of ringing up every friend you have and asking them to share your outrage is completely appropriate if it helps you deal with this horrific murder.  And thats exactly what it is.  There is no honor in any of it.  I frequently ask myself if there is a price to pay for our privileged existence here in the U.S.  I mean, sure, its wonderful to know that this type of thing doesn’t happen here, or, that if it did, 99.9% of Americans would recoil in horror.  But it is a little unnerving how quickly we move on.  Shit, the V.T. shootings were like, last week, and it doesn’t come up in conversations anymore, outside of those using it to advance an agenda. (Not singling out any one particular cause)

I may be a tad more sensitive about “garden variety domestic violence” because I grew up hiding from it.  Though it was seldom directed at me, the sight of my mother or sister being beaten terrified me and that stayed with me my entire life.  Even then, the relatives “knew”, but there wasn’t any intervention happening.  I know that it was a far cry from what occurred that day in Iraq, still, I wonder if there is a slippery slope argument to be made.

Anyway, you may be well served to avoid the idiot box, I’m a news junkie, and trust me, there is precious little news to be had amid the scrutinizing of  B-list celebs.  I’m sorry this happened, (and even typing that made me feel somewhat, hell, impotent, I think,) and I am sorry that you had to know about it.

Go ahead, call some friends. Perhaps you’ll feel better.


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6 responses to “To Recovering Baptist

  1. Recovering Baptist

    Thank you. Really. Honest to God, that makes me feel a little better.

  2. I mean, sure, its wonderful to know that this type of thing doesn’t happen here, or, that if it did, 99.9% of Americans would recoil in horror.

    Things like that do happen here…nobody wants to talk about it. Out of sight, out of mind.

  3. I’ve never heard of a woman being dragged out of her home by relatives and beaten to death for hanging out with a guy of a different religion. At least not yet. Not here.

  4. eh, actually I was in a hurry and didn’t get to put all of my thoughts down. You’re right…not that exact scenario, but what I mean to say is that women are beaten senseless all the time by their spouses or boyfriends. I guess right now I am really sensitive to what happened to the 2 college co-eds (a male & female) in Knoxville. It was so brutal that it is unspeakable. I think of what some victims have gone through here on our own soil…slave trade, torture, etc. It happens all over the world and here in our own backyard, too. But the key difference in what you are speaking of is that these were family members who did this to their very own. It is all unbelievable…and depressing.

  5. Having worked with battered women in my past, I can tell you some stories that would make your eyes bleed.
    The woman dragged behind the car that I worked with who came to me with the skin off the back of the heel of her foot exposed was horrible, the bone just sticking out of the back of her foot. (That was 1989 and in Nashville.)
    But reading the Recovering Baptist’s post really made me realize how that, during the days of working with abused people, I became so used to it I thought it was normal.
    I need to restore my outrage over issues like this. I thank for for reminding me that RB. More than you will ever know.

  6. nm

    Will stabbing her to death inside her home do? See the story of Tina Isa. Although, granted, the guy who did it was fairly rabidly anti-American-culture.

    We ignore it because we are in bread and circuses mode: we want entertainment, not genuine drama. Because genuine drama demands that we change something.

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