Randomness Makes Me Happy Today

“Memories, once fixed in words, are soon erased.”

Yes.  God yes.  I loved it when Kublai was goading Polo into describing Venice, and each time, no matter how hard the Emperor tried, Polo avoided losing his memories of his beloved city.  Gutsy.

I’ve now been to TennTucky, and I somehow managed to go to a strawberry-less Strawberry Festival.  Aunt B wouldn’t let me buy myself a hat to wear to The Party.

I am impressed by Ginger’s organizational skills.  She keeps that office full of scruffy hippie lawyers nice and tidy.  She must have Republican roots, you should have seen her operate the office shredder.  A real pro.

I’m in possession of the world’s best pick-up line.  I swear, it is the Mother of All Pick Up Lines.  The bitch is, I’m too old to use it.

My kids like to blog.  Kinda bittersweet for me.

Did anyone else out there know that there are no longer two spaces after a period?  I’ll do it anyway, I’ve earned the right.

John Lamb is a hero of mine.  Go read Hispanic Nashville today and see why.


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10 responses to “Randomness Makes Me Happy Today

  1. No strawberries at a Strawberry Festival? Sounds like all of the Strawberry Festivals yesterday would’ve been better served to have their shindigs in the produce department at Kroger. They’ve got a pretty good deal on strawberries this week.

    Unreal that the Tennessean took Cisneros’ quote so grossly out of contact. That is appalling. There ought to be an outcry. Journalism, schmernalism.

    The hippie lawyers didn’t even have a shredder until I came along and insisted on getting one. Can you imagine? I’m sure shredders were invented by somebody in the Nixon administration.

  2. contact = context.

    Sorry, my eyes are still glazed over from last night’s tequila.

  3. I had about twice as many hits yesterday as I do on a normal Saturday. Might I suggest that you let your kids take over Coyote Chronicles while you’re on hiatus? They seem to have great skills in the attracting and keeping a readership department.

  4. I second Aunt B’s suggestion. Your kids are wonderful..and should actually consider a joint-blog of their own!

  5. Hutch, I dunno if Mack would approve of his kids doing a blog about joints.

    Then again…

  6. Hey G – Rim shot…I guess I’ve been listening to too much Doobie Brothers chronically.

  7. Mychal

    There is an incredibly high chance that you will delete this. I would be mighty suprised in fact, if you did not.

    I took the time to read your blog. Silly of you to list under the email you use to communicate with me.

    And what I got from this blog is that you are very politically involved, and very eloquent. Oh, and that you dote upoun your daughter.

    If you took the time to get to know the other one, with out talking down to her, and without acting like a douche, you would find she is eloquent and wordly as well. You would find that she blogs, and adores writing. You would find she is equally as smart as you.

    Unfortunatley though, you made a choice long ago not to get to know her.

    Don’t worry. I’m not coming after you. I don’t want your money, and I don’t want to ruin your image.

    It just freaked me out to find that we have a lot in common. It makes a little more sense why I am the way I am, though I always hoped I wouldn’t turn out like you.

  8. chamacatraviesa


    This is Travis at the AP. I loved the baby in a basket (saw on Hispanic Nashville). That’s how my dad came to the U.S. Remind me to tell you the story sometime.

  9. Is that really true about the period and no more two spaces? That’s fu*^ed up… but definately explains why blogger does this to my posts and I feel much better now knowing that I don’t have to edit every fricken’ sentence of my posts to add that extra space anymore. A heads up before some doofus came up with the new in-thing to do would have been nice though.

  10. For real, baby…I’m an old dog who still wants to put commas where they no longer are supposed to be, and punctuation outside of the quotation marks. I do the 2 spaces after the period, too.

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