No, They Didn’t

If you haven’t already heard, some “teachers” in Murphreesboro thought it might be a good idea to stage a mock “gun attack” on some 6th grade students.  One of these geniuses donned a hood, while the other teachers convinced the students that a gunman was in their school, hunting people to kill.  Naturally, the children were terrified.  Most of them hid under their desks or tables, and many were in tears, thinking they were about to die.  All of this comes just weeks after the worst school shooting ever at VT.

This is so completely outrageous I just HAD to stop and post about it.  If my son or daughter had been in that class, I’d be kickin someone’s ass today, furreal.

Fire those morons now.  Apologize to the students, and parents.  Then apologize to every Tennessean, for this embarrassment.  Good Lord, Bill Maher is going to have a field day with this……sigh.

If we can’t find something to do for these kids after the TCAPS, how bout we just let them outside to play?



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6 responses to “No, They Didn’t

  1. Yet another reason that Rutherford County Schools needs a huge lawsuit on their hands for their negligence in protecting their students. This is my girl’s school system, too, and we all know how lame they were in handling an issue we had at her school.

  2. I’m stunned. This is an outrage. I’m not a parent, but if someone puts together a campaign and tells me where to call or whom to write, I’ll add my voice to the cry for disciplinary action and a state-wide apology.

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  5. I don’t see what could have went wrong. It was obviously briliant and well conceived.

  6. Chuck

    She (the principal) said she was saddened by the situation and that the school was handling it. She declined to say whether the staff members involved would face disciplinary action.

    “The circumstance that occurred involved poor judgment,” Stephens said. “My hope is that we can learn from this, and in the end, it will have a positive result of growth for all of us.”

    fire everyone, including the airhead principal. a positive result of growth for all of us. What a bunch of liberal tripe!

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