Keyboard Warrior

Glen, buddy.  I suppose you could be pulling a Kleinheider, and just trolling for hits.  I say that because you and I have broken bread, we’ve shared a shot of real Honest To God Blue Agave tequila.  In person, you are polite, and maybe just a bit shy.  So why is it, then, that when you get behind your keyboard, you pound out this kind of drivel?  Here’s a nugget from that diatribe:

What is it like to be a far left liberal? I mean, how does it feel to be miserable, pessimistic, and full of hatred? What is it like to wake up everyday and call for somebody new to resign, be fired, or impeached? What is it like to despise America, despise Christianity, and despise masculine men? What is it like to hate freedom? What is it like to be so freaking unhappy that you are unable to laugh at anything? Tell me Egalia, what is it like?

Before I answer you, I’m going to do you a huge favor and clue you in to something.  Write this down.  You are not, by any stretch, ready to take on Egalia.  I don’t always agree with her, but if I were to engage her in debate, I’d come with something much stronger, dude.  There is a reason her blog gets the hits that it does, while yours pretty much goes unread.  She can write.  She thinks things through.  You would be well served to do likewise.

Lets go ahead and answer your questions, rhetorical as they were.

What is it like to be a far left liberal?  It’s exhausting, man.  Having to slow down, way down, and explain things to ill-informed people (even bloggers!) makes for long days.

I mean, how does it feel to be miserable, pessimistic, and full of hatred?  No clue, I don’t live in Campfield’s district.

What is it like to wake up everyday and call for somebody new to resign, be fired, or impeached?  Stumped me there, you did.  Perhaps you might ask someone that was a Republican when Clinton was in office.

What is it like to despise America, despise Christianity, and despise masculine men?  I don’t hate America or Christianity, I hate what they have become.  As for masculine men, I don’t despise them, I just prefer my men to be a bit curvy, cuz, you know, I’m a top.

What is it like to hate freedom? Well, I’m starting to worry, actually, theres precious little left to hate.  (Oh, I caught your other bit about capitalism=freedom,  try not paying your mortgage for a few months, see how free you are.)
What is it like to be so freaking unhappy that you are unable to laugh at anything?  Hey, I laughed at your post.



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16 responses to “Keyboard Warrior

  1. “I’m a top.”

    Truer words have never been spoken in the history of this blog.

    I’m going to be laughing about that all day.

  2. Wallflower

    What is it like to hate freedom?
    Me, and my state controlled uterus, are appalled.

  3. “I’m a top.”

    I hesitate to ask this, but what does that mean? (I would be so unhip if you guys didn’t educate me so well!)

  4. Oh for pete’s sake…I just looked it up in the urban dictionary. I’m sure my above comment caused uncontrolled laughter, so I just want to say I’m glad I could entertain…

    As for me, I like to be spanked. Bwah!

  5. nm

    What is it like to be a far left liberal? I mean, how does it feel to be miserable, pessimistic, and full of hatred?

    You know, since moving to Nashville I have for the first time encountered the kind of radical individualism that refuses to be (or, at least, to perceive oneself as) a part of any community. And I recall asking a question almost exactly like this one (except that I added “existentially lonely” and “scared”) about those people. I guess it’s hard for any of us to get fully inside the heads of people whose principles are so diametrically opposed to our own, no matter how hard we try. But, yeah, be honest: how many of us lefties and left-liberals here have asked similar questions about the extreme right-wingers?

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  7. Thats a fair question, NM. For me, I try my best to rein in the immediate impulse to ridicule. All around me I see and hear people that really want to avoid any debate because of how people conduct themselves. I made a decision a while back to be as respectful as possible to those that have an opposing viewpoint, even (and maybe especially) when I feel very strongly about the issue. But Glen wrote about 6 pieces in as many days, all with a similar tone, and I finally gave him what I thought he wanted. I actually expressed to a friend that my post was probably a tad indulgent, but I’m human, and so i fought fire with fire.

    I appreciate you stopping by!

  8. The only thing I find scary is that these “righties” actually belief this stuff – stuff that they’ve been fed by particular political agendas, yet they believe it to be there own original ideas.

  9. Mack, I certainly am not going to argue with you. You’re a nice guy. My questions were aimed at Egalia though. What prompted my response was the post I linked to. One of her commenters said,

    “But the right always complains about the proposed “fairness doctrine”, because they say that the quality of the product should stand on its own in the free market, and if people want to listen to Limbo, and his ratings are high – too bad, its what the people have chosen. Which would be a fair point if ‘the people’ could be trusted to choose the right thing. But the people are stupid, and can not be trusted to see through Limbo, and his ratings are a testimony to this fact. We need to enforce fairness – even if “the people” don’t want it.”

    He also said this:

    “And YES – we *have* come to the point where radio-broadcast-book-burning is necessary, and censorship should apply to the likes of Limbough. 3 hours a day, 5 days a week – he spews the most vile and offensive racist and sexist garbage, and yet people, alot of people – tune in. He must be stopped.”

    Mack do you agree that the people should not be able to decide what they want to listen to and that programming that “a few” find offensive should be taken off of the air? If you don’t, then I applaud you. Obviously, you are not what I consider to be “far left”.

    Even if you are, I still think we can be friends. This is, after all, just politics.

    By the way, the link was not to the post containing the questions, but a Halo Scan page.

  10. Glen, if you read my post to NM upthread, you’ll see that I went off after reading a bunch of posts that you threw up in the last few days. Sure, we can be friends. In fact, I consider you my friend. But even you will admit that you have gone on a tear against Liberals more than once. Sometimes you seek to force your idea of what it means to be a Liberal on us, and you are often misguided.
    To answer your question, no I don’t think the Govt or those that control the Govt should seek to pull programs off the air based on opinion’s expressed therein. However, Limbaugh has a history of using offensive stereotypes for cheap laughs, and people have a right to complain to his sponsors, and ask for his dismissal.

  11. Glen,
    How do you get “lefties hate america” out of the statement “limbaugh should be censored”?

    Don’t you see the slippery slope?

  12. Okay Mack. That’s cool.

    In fairness, I did say “far left”. Egalia is far left and so are the people who visit there. They do call for firings and resignations on a daily basis. A lot of them do hate masculine men. Based on their posts, they do despise Christianity. Obviously they do hate freedom, the freedom to choose what type of programming the free market demands.

    Mack, I don’t believe that the First Amendment should be applied on a situational basis. I believe a person ought to have the right to burn a flag. I believe they ought to have the right to scream “America Sucks”. I also believe they ought to have the right to be offensive, even racially offensive. We should stand up for every Americans liberty, even those we disagree with.

    I hope that you can appreciate that and although you may disagree with my beliefs and philosophy, at least respect that I mean well.

    Kevin, I don’t think that all or even most lefties hate America. But the far left does, as does the far right. Remember the question was meant for a “far left” person like Egalia and commenter ErikB.

  13. Glen, I have to say that how you conducted yourself in person is indeed proof to me that you are well-intentioned*. So, yup, we’re cool. I appreciate you stopping by to say your piece.

    * Its a good thing, too, cuz you’re a big boy, and I’m getting older….;)

  14. Thanks Mack. I appreciate the discussion and the link.

  15. Hmm– where have I heard the term “far left” before…?
    Oh, yeah; from this guy. Based on Mr. O’Falafel’s usage of the term, and what I’m reading here from Mr. Dean, I’d have to define “far left” as follows:

    Those whose views I can neither factually nor logically refute face to face, and for whom I have constructed a small army of hyperbolic Straw Men that I use to disparage them in absentia.
    b. Those whose views give me the heebie-jeebies because they threaten the delicate balance of my own chimerical worldview.

    When I see the term “far left” used with a straight face, I can tell that any subsequent debate with the user is going to involve two extra rhetorical steps: first, the language must be dragged back into a coherent usage of English; second, the grasp of facts must be chained down to prevent drift toward the Bizarro World.

  16. the grasp of facts must be chained down to prevent drift toward the Bizarro World.

    If i may borrow from the Good Aunt:

    Ha, that tickles me.

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