Is it time, now?

22 dead kids.  Like everyone else, I’m waiting for more facts to roll in, but in my world, we have 22 new reasons to have a National discussion about the widespread availability of semi-automatic weapons.



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23 responses to “Is it time, now?

  1. Ay yi yi yi yi yi yi, Mack.

  2. Ivy, I think you inserted two too many yi yi’s.

    But seriously, the worst shooting in U.S. history. I am all for addressing all the societal ills that may have brought this about, but lets include the hardware in that discussion, ya know?

  3. Yes, let’s keep on appealing to that emotion, shall we?

  4. Unbelievable. Was the gunman a student? I can’t find anywhere that says if he was or not.

    How do these nuts get ahold of these guns?

  5. Yes, because I’m pretty sure there are thirty something families out there clutching their constitution and thanking the good Lord for the Second amendment.

    That said, there are a number of strictly logical arguments that come to mind as to why it is a good idea to limit the amount of firepower someone can purchase.

  6. They are saying that the gunman was “heavily armed,” so I would venture to say that it wasn’t a simple handgun.

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  8. Nah, I think the extra yis are totally warranted. 😉

  9. There is much I could say, but I won’t yet.

    Decency, Mack. Decency.

  10. Couldn’t wait for the bodies to reach room temp, could you?

  11. It needs to be noted that I posted this thread long before anything went up at NiT. I did not intend for it to mean we had to have this discussion today.

    I am not advancing some political agenda with this post. I have been railing against the widespread availability of high powered weapons for years, but I do not use the issue as some sort of litmus test to determine whether or not I support a particular candidate. I was expressing outrage in a format that I consistently use for that purpose.

    Sarcastro, buddy, you have no room to criticize, I believe your post about the Edwards family’s battle with cancer went up about the time they cut the power to her microphone.

  12. Yes, Ginger, it was TWO handguns. So much for the widespread availability for high-powered weapons.

    Mack, for my Edwards post to plumb the depths of opportunism like this one, I would have waited until they cut the power to her ventilator.

  13. Not sure I understand that, exactly. I don’t show up on the aggragator until 12 hours after I post something. I didn’t call attention to my post by linking or backtracking or any other fancy manuveur. I sat down, typed what was on my mind. And I stand by what I said. It’s time we had a discussion about this stupid fascination with with weaponry of all kinds. It’s nice to know our Govt recently voted to allow a 19 shot clip for 9 mm handguns since the standard 9 shot (or whatever it is) is clearly insufficient for personal protection.

  14. Sar, what kind of guns were used at Columbine?

  15. ah, let me answer that one myself: Two sawed-off shotguns, a 9 mm carbine rifle and a TEC DC-9 semiautomatic pistol, a modified version of the now-banned TEC-9 assault weapon…

    oops…I’m gonna back off for now…we’re still in mourning (no sarcasm intended)

  16. I’m repeating myself here because I think that I should say this in both places.

    I should probably not have linked to you, because I didn’t even mean to make this about “Look, Mack’s talking about guns and he shouldn’t be.” That wasn’t my intention.

    [In fact, I didn’t link to this entry directly, but to your blog in general. ]

    My whole thought process actually started with reading the comments over at SaysUncle (to which I also linked) where several people were already talking about how this dooms gun-rights legislation, etc.

    As any person on either side of the Gun issue knows, any thing like this will bring Gun Talk to the forefront for awhile. I was upset that the gun talk over at SaysUncle had begun before we even knew how many people were dead…as SU said himself “let’s not dance in the blood of the dead.”

    That got me to thinking about the discussion you and I had the day before about emotion in argument, so that fueled this post. In fact, I think I wrote the thing at my place BEFORE I read your post. I can’t remember though.

    Anyway, I didn’t at all write the thing at my place as a smackdown for any specific person who was talking about the guns yesterday. (Despite what Kleinheider says.) I wrote the thing at my place as a continuation of my thought processess about the use of emotion in political dialogue.

  17. I think the important thing is to keep talking, and not focus on some imagined slight. I value your thoughts, Kat.

  18. (Also repeating myself from KC’s site, but with some of the high emotions here on Mack’s site, I felt led to post it here, too…)

    It’s ok. It really is ok.

    Everybody has their own way of dealing with the shock. Our grieving process goes all over the map with it.

    One moment I was mourning sadly, the next I was laughing at irreverant jokes, the next minute I was angry about the whole gun control thing, and next all of those emotions started their cycle again in a different order.

    All of those emotions are a way of grieving at the tragedy.

    …and it’s all okay.

  19. I went and drank some beer. Now before anyone goes out and signs me up for Rehab, I just sat out on the sunporch, drank a couple of beers and watched my nieces play with my dog Mabel.
    Because that was real to me last night for a time, and it was important.
    You know what I mean, to see these tangible beautiful kids safe under my watchful gaze and that I had some control over it for just a little while.
    And I needed that.

  20. nm

    Mack, just so you don’t have to go feeling too defensive, your reaction was similar to one of my very early thoughts on first hearing the news. Sad, angry, if you think (as I do) that there ought to be more oversight of gun ownership then that’s a place the mind is going to go. It isn’t partisan, it isn’t opportunistic, it’s a way of understanding causality.

  21. The NiT aggravator may be 12 hours behind. Mine isn’t.

    Mack, you shot your mouth off before all the facts were in about this. You immediately chose to conflate this issue with the issue of the “widespread availability of semi-automatic weapons.” Way to go for that knee-jerk reaction.

    It reminds me of the same kind of knee-jerk reaction that happens every time Heather Steffek is trotted out at an anti-illegal immigration rally.

    “How do these nuts get ahold of these guns?”
    Next time you hang out with the boys on death row, you be sure to ask them.

  22. Like everyone else, I’m waiting for more facts to roll in

    Perhaps you missed my first sentence, amigo. Even still, I find nothing inaccurate in that post. Are 9mm glocks not semi-automatic?

    Do you really think I am advancing some political agenda in this thread? I was angry about yet another senseless mass killing, so I vented in the place I have created to do just that.

    I get the whole grumpy ol Sarcastro routine, it’s the little niche you have carved out for yourself here on the web. Most of the time, you do it well. Sometimes, it doesn’t work.

  23. Next time you hang out with the boys on death row, you be sure to ask them.

    Why, Sar, I do believe I will. Going to the source and getting the information first hand is a wonderful idea.

    Let’s see, though…oh darn…there aren’t any despondent teenagers on Death Row for me to ask. Most of them are dead.

    Damn the luck.

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