Isn’t That What a Blogroll is For?

I don’t want to be a party pooper. I was tagged today by a good friend as one of her nominees for “the Thinking Blogger Award.” I was honored and appreciative of the sentiment. However, I think I am going to end this meme here at The Coyote Chronicles. By the time I actually “tag” some other bloggers for this “award”, the chances are quite good that someone else has probably nominated them, in fact, two or three that come to mind have already displayed their little icon thingie. I get that it is a compliment, I really do, but I kinda feel like thats what a blog roll is for. I’ll admit that mine is woefully incomplete, I just the other day figured out how to add people there, (yes, I’m that stupid about HTML and stuff) and I haven’t sat down and done it. Also, I’m quite busy, and though I spend alot of time on my computer, I don’t want to HAVE to do something else that is time consuming. Rest assured, if I read you regularly, you will be listed in my blogroll, and that should tell the world that I like how you think. But then I thought, shoot, every blogger is a thinker. The very act of sitting at your keyboard, and organizing your thoughts into some semblance of coherency requires, well, thinking. And I appreciate that effort, even if I don’t like where your thoughts take you. Just to stay at least in part in the spirit of things, here’s a list of people who challenge me and make me stop and think: (But I refuse to link back to the “origin”)

S-Town Mike

Ezra Klein

Fucking Adam Kleinheider

The Hutch

Mushin no shin


Mug of Joe Powell. (sorry, I don’t use a cup, brother)

Shit, I just realized it’s all dudes. I get a pass on this, though, since all of the female bloggers I read (regularly) have already been nominated…whew.



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8 responses to “Isn’t That What a Blogroll is For?

  1. “Rest assured, if I read you regularly, you will be listed in my blogroll,…”

    Then why there be only fo’ peeps on your Blogroll?

  2. Read the whole post, Eli. I clearly stated that I didn’t know how to even place people on there, the one’s listed were done for me by the angel that moved my blog to WordPress. I’ll be updating it soon, though. Don’t you have homework or something?

  3. (sigh)
    As the person who nominated you…

    I interpreted it that the point of the whole meme was to have a chance to honor each other, say a few words of appreciation — and in my opinion there can never be too much of that — and best of all, give some of your (or my) particular blog’s regular readers a little blurb about what you value in each of your nominations — and something might catch their eye to go see for themselves.

    Personally, I do not go down another person’s blogroll to find new blogs to read. That’s why I think it’s cool to actually feature some favorite blogs in an actual post. It puts it to the forefront.

    Party pooper. (I keed).

  4. Top current Google search results for “Fucking Adam Kleinheider”, page one:

    #1-2 -@ Tiny Cat Pants
    #3 – @ Sean Braisted’s
    #4 – @ Coyote Chronicles
    #5 – @
    #6 – @ Guerilla Women TN
    #7 – @ Volunteer Voters

    This makes me laugh, but it makes me laugh even more that this post will probably be #1 by tomorrow, hee.

    Also, when I read “Fucking Adam Kleinheider”, what came to mind immediately was “Driving Miss Daisy”. That’s just wrong.


  5. lololol…Mack, you’re at the height of your blogging career by Fucking Adam Kleinheider…

    er, uh…that didn’t come out right…but I’m gonna leave it just the way it is 😀

  6. This reminds me a whole lot of

    “She knows I love her. I don’t need to tell her…”

  7. Desdemona, you crack me up. That was priceless.

  8. actually I have my coffee provided by an IV. 🙂

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