Somebody explain this…

I swear I am off pondering more important issues, (and trying to keep Spring at bay around this farm) but this has been eating at me since last weekend.  The Killers. They’re a band.  I was at a good friends house, and he had them on in his truck, and in the house, the Missus was playing it through her computer.  I mean, they really like this band.  I about couldn’t stand it.  Maybe because it wasn’t real loud, or because any music coming through a computer’s speakers isn’t going to sound very good, but, for cryin out loud, what is the appeal here?  No beat that I could discern, the vocals sound mediocre to me, and I heard influences of U2, and The Cure, two bands I truly love (Ok, I’m weird about U2, I haven’t really loved them since Joshua Tree) but nothing ground-breaking in their music.  I admit, I’ve been told I’m a “LA rock” kinda guy, and no, I don’t listen to much new stuff.  But I can’t be the only guy out there that loathes this band…

Am I?



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15 responses to “Somebody explain this…

  1. your good friends "Missus"

    Maybe because it wasn’t real loud, or because any music coming through a computer’s speakers isn’t going to sound very good, but, for cryin out loud, what is the appeal here?

    It was coming through a Bose.

  2. Eliyahu

    How can you not like them?

    If you like the Killers, you should try the Shins.

  3. Or maybe you’re just too old and unhip to relate. 😉

    (You can beat me up for that one next time you see me.)

  4. eliyahubenmoshe


  5. zing!! Kate, you rock.

  6. Are these the “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier” dudes?

  7. Hell, B, I don’t know, I can’t hear the lyrics…

  8. BTW, my blog is up and a runnin’.

  9. Oh, well, then, I do like that song.

  10. sheesh, and I thought I was the old fart in the blog-a-teria.

    Btw….be careful when you TIVO Madlock, they keep changing the schedule.

  11. Hutch & Mack:

    Hey, “sexy old dudes,” don’t forget “The Lawrence Welk Show” along with Matlock.

    Makes for Saturday night must-see-tv for your age group. 😉

  12. Hey Missy..I like the Killers..i think it starred Burt Lancaster.

  13. Missy?!? Ha!

    I get called “Missy” and “Tart” around here. I get no respect **she says, as she adjusts her collar in Rodney Dangerfield fashion**

    Burt Lancaster…ahahahaha…these young’uns have no idea what we’re talking about. hehehe!

    Just think: the Burt Lancaster of your parent’s generation is the Brad Pitt of my daughter’s…her children will think of Clooney as Geritol material.

  14. I knew there was something I saw this week in my sick as a dog haze I wanted to respond to and finally found it.

    No, you are not alone. And while I won’t say I’m perfect or infallible, I think I’ve built up enough music cred, and especially alt/indie music cred, for my POV to be at least semi-valid.

    I have tried with this band, I really have, on several occasions. They are currently one of my college-age cousin’s fave bands and so once again, when their latest wound up on his wish list at Christmas, I tried again.

    They are “okay”, nothing wrong with them. But legendary? No.

    I used to think when people said “it’s all been done before” was jaded and premature, but now I’m beginning to believe it might well be true. I can count on one hand the truly new artists that have come out of this decade thus far that I consider truly legendary and names that will stand the test of time. Sure, there’s been others I liked (and plenty I don’t like), but even those – their sh*’t’s all been done before.

    Modern music’s truly begun to eat itself. It’ll be fine and it’ll be all right, but the days of being able to be something truly legendary are probably over.

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