10 Days Without A Mexican

The other day, Kleinheider referenced a post of mine, and he gave me the title of progressive Hispanic activist. Almost immediately, I received an email from a friend asking me what I thought of that. So, lets break it down into parts. Part One: Progressive. I hope to God that I am considered progressive. What is not to like about that term? Liz Garrigan has told me that she doesn’t like it, perhaps because she feels that it has become the fall back label for Liberals. Perhaps, but I embrace both terms, so…so far, no offense taken. Part Two: Hispanic. Though I do not hail from Hispania, I can embrace this as well. I told my friend that personally, I think the world would be a better place if we didn’t use terms like African American, or Hispanic Activist, because the need to make known the ethnicity of the person being described  makes me uncomfortable. Or, perhaps Kleinheider was saying that I am a Hispanic Activist, in that I advocate for Hispanic/Latino causes. That would be partly true, but my activism has taken many forms throughout the years. I have been an advocate for GLBT rights, unions, and to a lesser extent, the environment. So the most accurate term was probably “Local activist for Hispanic/Latino/Immigrant/GLBT/Union/Environment causes who is of Mexican descent. Perhaps Kleinheider was simply being thrifty with bandwidth…

With that, I leave for a ten day vacation. Y’all will have to fend for yourselves while I am away. Oddy Ouss.



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5 responses to “10 Days Without A Mexican

  1. Have a wonderful vacation, Mr. Mack!

  2. Have a great trip. So does this mean that you now consider a 10-day blog absence unusual?

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  4. Ha! That made me laugh, John.

    He got ya there, Mack. Tee hee.

  5. (PS Hope you are having a WONDERFUL vacation!)

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