Huckabee Stumps Me

I don’t know what to make of Mike Huckabee, I really don’t. It be easier to just be against his candidacy because, you know, he’s one of them…

The thing is, he seems to have this knack for breaking down the issue to it’s core, and I like that. He’s got a smart position on immigration, children’s health, and now this.

I need to summon Abramson, P.D.Q.

Hat tip: Ezra Klein



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13 responses to “Huckabee Stumps Me

  1. Do you think he can get away with being so progressive because he’s a Republican?

  2. Sure, because they value that so much.

    Truthfully, I have given Huckabee much thought, he’s not likely to win a nomination, but it’s weird for me to nod in agreement so much with a Republican these days. There was a time (pre-Newt) that I could do this more frequently.

  3. No, I just mean I wonder if he’s flying under their radar. If you said something like that as a candidate, folks might jump all over you, but he can because the folks who would attack him have their attention turned in other directions.

  4. Glad you plan to blog regularly. May I mention the pure desire to scream when those wordpress link-pop ups appear just as I click “open in new window”.

  5. It’s my opinion, B, that yes, he’s a Governor of a fairly obscure state, perhaps no one really cares what his views are….but I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that if he were ever considered a viable contender for the nomination, the GOP attack dogs would tear him to shreds on these issues. That answer your question?

    Gunner, welcome. I have no idea what you are talking about, I’m a bit of a newbie to WordPress.

  6. Yep.

    And just hover your pointer over me. And wait. Just a second more… See. That’s the annoying thing Gunner’s talking about. Turn that thing off and millions will cheer.

  7. Hover your pointer over me? Are you coming on to me B?

    I think I found it. You guys meant the snap preview thing, right?

  8. I like that thingy! But I adjusted the delay because you can’t click a link before it pops up if you have it set too fast.

    I think it’s cool, though… 🙂

  9. If I were coming on you, I’d hope you wouldn’t have to ask if that’s indeed what was going on.

  10. Umm… how does one delay the snap preview? It drives me nuts over at Chez Coma.

  11. Go to a link, get the snap preview to pop up. In the upper right hand corner, there should be “Options”. Click on that and adjust the “Hover Delay”. If you make it Long (1 sec), it will not pop up as quickly, and you can actually click the link and go to the site you want to go to. Or…you can also Disable it on the site you go to. Hope that helps! 🙂

  12. If aunt B refuses to come on to you..I will.


  13. Gunner, you are so awesome!

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