Another Failure To Lead

My Congressman, Bart Gordon, once again displays the type of cowardice that has people who stay informed rightfully ridiculing the Democratic Party. I have lived in many places, but I cannot remember having a representative that had elevated pandering to this level. I’ve met him. I’ve asked him a tough question. (he dodged) I get his slick, multi-colored newsletters wherein he assures me that he is on the job, making us safe from methlabs in our county. I watched him fold on the immigration issue time and again. So, I can’t say I was completely shocked to see his face on Lou Dobbs, as part of a two person(Lincoln Davis (D) Tennessee was the other) Democratic” movement” to “investigate the trial of the two American “heroes” that shot and wounded a suspected Mexican drug dealer.” Bart, I’ll make this easy for you. The outrage is mis-directed. This isn’t about whether or not the drug dealer was a bad guy. He is not the sort of person we want here in this country. So far, so good. This is also not about the fact that said drug dealer was given amnesty in exchange for his testimony, ok? That may or may not have been a smart prosecutorial maneuver, but Bart, pay attention here: IT IS ILLEGAL TO SHOOT AT AN UN-ARMED SUSPECT. IT IS ILLEGAL TO POLICE UP YOUR SPENT SHELL CASINGS, DESTROY EVIDENCE, AND FILE A FALSE REPORT. I have written about this before, and my position has not changed. You stated on the program that you chimed in late(once again) on this because of the concerns of the people in your district. Let me clue you in on a little secret. The people in your district would love for you to actually LEAD them into the future, sir. Anyone can stick a finger in the air, then tell them which way the wind is blowing. You will earn their respect, and their trust, when you stand up and say, “wait, folks, this may seem unpopular, but it’s the law, and it had to be done.”

At least you would have earned mine.


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