Begging for Regulation

Since I live in the country, it’s been many years since I’ve had any door to door salespeople come callin.  (I had to admire the Jehova’s Witnesses who managed to find me, and who got out of the car even with my dog barking menacingly) But I do remember, years ago, a rather frail young lady knocked on my door in an effort to convince me to subscribe to magazines.  I remember thinking she was a poor salesperson, she looked empty inside, just going through the motions.  Of course, I knew about traveling crews, and I previously had them stop me in parking lots and pitch cologne or magazines, but I had no idea what life for them was like.  I suppose I had lumped them in with carnival workers, you know, people you just know have some predatory streak, coupled with an addiction, and who probably return underground when the fair closes.

Ezra Klein links to this N.Y. Times article, that details the unbelieveable abuse and exploitation of teens and young adults.  It’s worth the read, and has me wondering if I will try to ask the next person who stops me in a parking lot if they need a bus ticket home…


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