Reading, Writing, Re-loading

Yesterday I picked up the kids, and usually we recap their day.  My 11 yr old announced that they had DARE again at the school, and I assumed it was the usual “war on drugs” propaganda. (Which, I should say, I’m thankful for, except when they encourage children to report their parents for marijuana possession, though I haven’t heard about that happening locally.) To my surprise and shock, yesterday’s lesson was “what to do in the event of a school shooting.” Apparently, they covered a wide variety of possible scenarios, and the lesson included a video that made my 11 yr old quite uneasy. They were told what to do if caught in the hallway, a classroom, or even a restroom.  (bathroom self defense tactics included the advice to spread liquid soap on the floor by the entrance, so the shooter would slip, giving you time to escape. ) They were taught the difference between “cover” and “concealment.”  I mean it was pretty thorough.  Later in the day, I overheard her explaining to her 9 yr old brother that a car is good cover, but you should hide behind the front tire.  He asked “why the front?”, and she replied that the engine added additional protection from stray or intended bullets.  “Good tip, Sis”, was his rather stoic reply.

I don’t what to make of this.  Part of me wonders what we have done as a society to produce these sociopaths.  Years ago, I asked on a Democratic blog if random school shootings were unique to the U.S., and most commenter’s responded that we just sensationalise ours.  I let it go, but I didn’t believe that.  I still don’t.  I don’t entirely blame the proliferation of guns, but to completely rule that out as a major factor seems disingenuous.  Part of me blames an under-funded, often neglected school system, and part of me blames parents hell bent on keeping up with the Joneses and not being involved with their school age children’s lives.  We are probably all to blame, in some way, by allowing ourselves to become cynical to the point of indifference.  I offer no answers, here, but I am deeply saddened that this type of instruction may be necessary today.  I truly miss the days when my child’s biggest fear was the monster in the closet…


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