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Own a piece of Sarcastro

I like Sarcastro. Aside from our kids, though, we have little in common. I think he’s a damaged, bullying corporate apologist, he thinks I’m a whiny goody goody that reads pop political authors. Fair enough, I say, we don’t have to see eye to eye to be friends. So it has been a mixed bag for me to watch his cyber yard sale unfold. I actually plunked down a few bucks for a sportcoat that would make Herb Tarlek blush. The washer and dryer set were nice, and I considered bidding on them, but I would have had to convert them from gas to propane, and I didn’t feel like it. Still, they are fine appliances. Right after they went on the block, it started getting a tad surreal for me. Who offers a kayak for sale, then photographs it upside down? Is this to let the potential buyer know that perhaps it is wise to perfect the “roll”? And its BLACK, for heavens sake. Then he offers up what has to be the ugliest damn chiminea I have ever laid eyes on, it’s gaping maw made it look like something from a Tim Burton movie. Shudder. I was ok with the various pieces of Americana, which he labeled bric a brac, I actually thought some of it was kinda cool. Then came the kicker. A framed poster from the HBO miniseries, The Brotherhood. He explained that his new wife (thankfully) put her foot down because it didn’t go with any of “her stuff.” He must have lobbied hard to get to keep his poster from Black Hawk Down. But here is where the admiration kicks in. He priced it, unflinchingly, at 200 dollars. American. Cash and goddam carry, baby. No OBO, thats my price, and you will pay it to own this piece of my life. Ballsy, and possibly brilliant. In fact, I am willing to deliver the damn thing to whomever buys it, cause I really want to meet THAT GUY. So, wander over, browse at your leisure, and load up the PayPal account, you won’t want to miss out on this. Yes, I purposely didn’t bring up the couch…theres no way he was serious, really.

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