In the busom of the Mothership

It’s official. I’m a complete idiot. I brought my trusty 35mm camera to the Meat-up, thinking I could develop the film, and post some pics of the bash here at the Chronicles. Right. These kids with their fancy booklearnin and digital devices had photos up on their blogs before I made it home. I might as well have brought an 8 track player to the party. Aside from being the obvious techno dinosuar, I had a great time. I managed to move around freely, despite having Ivy clamped to my leg most of the night, and I got to meet a spicy young lady named Ginger, (sorry) and of course, the highlight for me was going mano a mano with the mammoth-sized Glen Dean. Dude, remember that when I refer to you as a brain dead Dittohead, I mean it lovingly, I swear. Actually, it was cool to meet Glen, we even shared a Christmas (thats right, not Holiday) drink together. Very easygoing, I’m happy to learn. Our host was quite accomodating, and did a fine job of making sure Milo (a very cool guy) kept the buffet table full of that delicious BBQ. (Where do you get those perfectly round rolls, anyway?) The night held some surprises, Lisa Z showed up with donations for that poor family that lost everything in a fire, and it was great to see her. Kat Coble is lovely, and I didn’t feel intimidated by her at all, at least in person. To my knowledge, the boob freckle never made an appearance, though I think Aunt B offered to flash me a peek of something, I can’t say for sure. I got to meet the butcher! Worth the price of admission right there. Other than the fact that it was a tad disconcerting to be slamming shots of tequila in front of our (probable) future mayor, I had a great time, and, oh, one of my favorite moments was watching Sarcastro do his Kevin Pollok imitation. Hilarious. Thanks for the invite, y’all, lets do it again sometime.

Update: A couple of noteworthy additions, thanks to the dignified and indeed quiet Chris Wage for bringing items to donate to the family that suffered a devastating fire, and I should have mentioned that Britt is beautiful and friendly, and Rex L. Camino and his lovely wife were fun to hang with. (except, dude, were you even alive in the seventies?) Sorry if I have failed to acknowledge anyone else, this is all my addled brain can recall this morning….

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