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Maf54 saves the GOP

I’m furious. Livid. Since the 2000 election, I have been in the trenches, alongside Democrats, Liberals, and even a few moderate Republicans, in this fight to save this country from a handful of evil men. I have registered voters, walked many districts to canvass for candidates, organized, and participated in rallies and demonstrations. I donated hard earned money, and suffered the slings and arrows of those who labeled me subversive. In short, I was fully engaged. I couldn’t wait for the mid-terms. I felt that perhaps this election would finally be a referendum on so many outrages; depleted uranium shelling in Iraq, rampant cronyism and profiteering that left our troops unprepared and under-equipped to protect themselves, PNAC, Plamegate, Abramoff, Schiavo, environmetal disasters, crushing debt. The list was long, and I would have been satisfied if ANY of these drove sane people to the polls to oust these bastards. Now, to my despair, it looks like maf54, a sad, lonely closet queen who abused a position of trust over a kid, might be what propels Democrats to a November victory. It isn’t even pedophilia, for crissakes. To me, this seems like the very definition of an pyrrhic victory. Don’t get me wrong, with whats at stake, I’ll admit that I’ll take any victory at this point, so that Democrats control one or both houses. We need investigations into many things, if we are to cleanse the wounds, and begin to heal as a Nation. It’s just that I feel that the focus will be on this pathetic situation between maf54 and this kid, instead of policies that have resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Whats likely to happen now is that a handful of culprits and enablers will face defeat at the polls, and next election season will be a porn-fest of accusations about someone’s sexual pecadillos. Rove or someone like him will spend millions to find and exploit it, because it will be seen as way to motivate voters. Maf54 will go to rehab, find God, repent, and eventually re-surface in politics, and the time, money, and effort we spend investigating this bullshit will have been wasted. The GOP will not be judged on their destructive policies, rather, they will come away from this virtually unscathed, and lie there, patiently, until their time rolls around again. And it will.

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