A Sleeping Giant? Maybe…

According to this article, the immigration issue is galvanizing voters, but probably not the voters the GOP had in mind. Seems the tone of last summer’s debate left a sour taste in many Latino mouths. The article focuses on the races in Colorado, where, apparently, there is a large percentage of Latino voters. I have held the belief that the GOP has, in it’s efforts to cling to power by foisting this issue on the American public before they thought it completely through, lost most if not all the progress they made in appealing to Latino citizens. By allowing a long list of ignorant would-be candidates to regurgitate whatever talking points they heard from Talk Radio, they have made the Latino community distrustful of their Party, and their intentions. Not once have I heard a member of the Republican Party denounce hateful talk jocks when they made untruthful and dangerous claims. Not a peep while they likened hard working immigrant families to terrorists. No outrage when some said the immigrants would bring on the next plague. The GOP’s focus has been strictly punitive in nature, with no compromise that might allow residents here to at least claim some “legal” status while we sort through this very complicated issue. I believe that one day, sooner than later, they will see the inherent cruelty of advancing a political agenda on the backs of those least able to fight back.

H/T to Orah Bilmes

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