Exception to the rule…

On Wednesday, our local “newspaper” printed an LTE that I sent in calling out those that would seek to link criminal activity to undocumented workers by the use of “red herring” arguments. I awoke to find that a few of my fellow Tennesseans took issue with my position. Some made reasoned arguments, others, not so much. My favorite:

The point of our immigration laws is to keep people who don’t belong here out. Third worlders don’t belong in the United States. Like it or not, their I.Q.s, except for orientals, average 7 to 20 points below the average American white. Asking them to learn English and become productive participants in our society is too big a stretch. Asking them to be good drivers when they can’t even understand the traffic laws and come from cultures with a propensity for heavy drinking, is also a stretch. Nearly 150 years after the civil war and over 30 years since affirmative action, blacks argue that they have not been fully assimilated into our society. Is it fair to blacks to further

burden the system by adding eleven to 20 million iummigrants? No.

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