I just don’t know what to think. Years ago, I was a Dennis Miller fan. I have seen his “Live from Washington” performance so many times, I think I could recite it word for word. It really made me laugh. His show, (on HBO) was great, and I may be the only person on the planet that enjoyed his brief acting career. Of course, I was disappointed by his sudden conservative shift. I still am. I watched his new comedy special last night, and it was easy to tell that he has little or nothing left. Most of the show wasn’t funny. So, in this interview,
when he states that he is just a comedian, well he just confuses me. I think occum’s razor applies here. I think Mr. Miller has aged, and grown conservative since he has much to protect. There is no more edginess in his comedy, in fact, last night’s show felt a little like a tired sermon. Or, it could be that he has tried, unsuccesfully, to tap into a new audience by pandering to the fears of most conservative Americans. He took ridiculous positions on immgration (build a wall!) Global warming (the sun is hot, right?) and drilling in the Anwar.(you know you are never going to Alaska) I just think he is out of original material. A personal note to Dennis…If you ARE going to pander to uninformed, semi-illiterate audiences, you may have to change your whole routine. The obscure cultural and historical references that set you apart from other comedians is lost on this crowd…trust me.



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  1. Anonymous

    this is gregg and i still can’t figure out how to properly post so i will do so improperly.

    dennis was funny long ago. then he got religion…i agree mack he probably got $$$$ religion. then i think he discovered that conservative religious nuts and really conservative rich people don’t laugh alot. well they laugh but it is purposeful and usually nasty laughter….they laugh at weird obscure bible reference jokes that “tithe me a river” preachers make and they laugh at poor people’s clothes and so on…

    now dennis is involved in some weird poker show. this will be a bust. poker players don’t laugh at all….they win and then go back to their room and eat a comp’ed breakfast or they lose and try to find a loan shark to spot them the next stake so they can “get even”. not alot of laughter with such grim buisness.

    i think it would be best if dennis stocked up on lots of oxy and pure grain, put on a toga, mixed the grain, the pills and some grape juice together, drank a gallon and video’d his last moments on earth.

    this would be funny.

  2. Anonymous

    so mackero this is gregg again. have you set up a sort of anti blog blog?

  3. Actually, I’m not sure…explain?

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