I had this whole “New Beginnings” theme running around in my head to kick off the revival of this crappy blog, but instead, I opted for something that made me laugh. I do find myself looking at art more lately, and I have saved some stuff I found while belly-boarding the web. (I never could surf) Anyway, a friend recently sent an email titled “Catharsis”, which was funny because that’s what I have decided blogging is really about. I’m sure a friend or two will wander by and occasionally leave a comment, and that’s cool, but I think just the act of sitting and banging out an idea is in many ways healing. So, expect all manner of random crap in here, and if something strikes home, leave a note on the door. For now, I think I would like to call attention to my friend’s newest adventure.
He was foolish enough to invite me to contribute, and I am mulling it over, cuz I’m certain I will offend at least as many as I reach….but there’s great reading in there. Be well.




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  1. Wow, a new blog and a new paid position. Looks like you are leaving the rest of us in the dust! And, very funny picture.

    So, does your new interest in art run to pencil sketches on tablet paper?

  2. well, Cyn, it ain’t a done deal yet….final interview is week after this. It’s a HUGE pay cut, but the subject matter is near and dear. Still waiting to tell you about it, the old fashioned way…

  3. GiG

    Hey there, it’s nice to see that your blog is getting a little attention 🙂

    It’s always good to read ya, so, go at it! I’m looking forward to your entries.–>

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