Why The Hate?

 Over the weekend, my brother, 13 yrs my senior, sent me this in an email.  For the record, he has long been a fan of Hillary Clinton,  and he is no political newbie.  When I was coming up,  he was my hero.  He taught me how to play football, (though, later, I would school him in roundball) how to fight, and how important it is to be engaged politically.  He always had my back, even if I was the one that started the bullshit in the first place.  I will always love him for that, and for taking me with him to see Muhammad Ali fight, and the Lakers dominate.  He is why I’m a UCLA bruins fan, and why I love Motown to this day.  Anyway, I haven’t fact-checked this, I am simply reprinting his letter to me:

 Let’s pretend this is your daughter or mother or wife or sister. 


She grows up in a republican family and goes to Wellesley, one of the most prestigious colleges in the nation.  She graduates with honors and goes on to Yale law school where she also graduates with honors.

One of her first jobs out of college is working as a staff lawyer for the Watergate commission drafting papers to impeach Richard Nixon.

 She meets and marries a man who, like her, is intelligent, caring, and politically active.  They marry.

She changes her party and becomes a democrat, championing mostly Children’s issues.

 With her pedigree and background and collegiate honors she could have gone to a big law firm in Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, etc., where she could have become a major player.

 She does not.  She moves to Arkansas, her husband’s home state.  She gets a job at a law firm there and supports the family while her husband runs for public office, (so much for the claim she never held a real job, unless you are one of those who think lawyers don’t work hard.), She becomes the first female partner in the firm’s history and her husband becomes the youngest governor in the nation.  One of her main projects at this time is working for the children’s defense fund.

 She has a child, raises her child (and who could argue with the result), and continues to work in spite of criticism the she should stay home.

 Her husband becomes President and for the next 8 years she is hounded by investigations that turn up nothing, accused of fraud (whitewater) adultery (Vince Foster) and murder (Vince Foster).  She never gives an inch.  She is humiliated in public like none of us ever has been and holds her head up high and continues her work  for the causes she believes in.  Women’s issues, children’s issues and health care.  These are not new issues for her.

 Knowing these attacks will continue, and against all advise she runs for the Senate and wins.  During her first term she is told if she runs for President she will probably be the front runner however she decides she was just elected and owed her State her services and she needed more experience.  She get re-elected by a huge margin winning over republicans in NY as well as democrats.  Senator’s on both sides of the aisle are surprised at her knowledge of the issues and here willingness to work with all of them.

 If that was my daughter, mother, sister or friend, I would be bursting with pride. 

 But what does she get by members of her own party who repeat the same crap the republicans have been saying since her Arkansas days?  Hatred and name calling.  Hate her husband for cheating?  Fine. 

Blame her for loyalty?  Ridiculous.  Maybe we should show a little loyalty to the woman who took on our enemies (republicans) for many years, fought her battles and ours, and defeated them.

Vote for Obama?  Why not.  A decent man who is also quite accomplished.  But hate Hillary?

 I don’t get it.



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8 responses to “Why The Hate?

  1. democommie


    A sentiment I share. I don’t like Hillary and I’m not convinced she would be anything like a president I could like (though compared with the current resident of the WH, what’s not to like?). She has been vilified by the so called “conservatives”–who are actually reactionaries–since before her husband took his first oath of office as POTUS.

    I live in Upstate NY where, believe me, the general trend of political thought is not liberal. And yet, I hear less criticism of her, here, than I did when I lived in MA. One could fairly ask why that might be. I think the answer is that her constituents are not idiots who are unaware of the good she has done as one of their senators, for her “adopted” state. Sidebar: When Mitt Romney was still in the race, it was announced that he had won the primaries in UT and MA, his two “home” states.

    Hatred is easy, it eats your guts eventually, but it’s easy.

  2. Hatred is easy, it eats your guts eventually, but it’s easy.

    Trying my best to teach my children that very thing.

  3. bridgett

    I agree with the sentiment. However, I’ll note that the author puts the most charitable construction on every action. While she was active in children’s advocacy, she also made a bucket of money in land speculation and the savings and loan markets (not her finest ethical moment). She did not make partner or stay partner by staying home and being a full-contact mom; she and Bill hired an incredible amount of child care (he was a law prof before he was a governor) and those child care providers certainly raised a fine kid. She had just engaged in a draining (and super-costly) Senatorial race and lacked the national base or the organizational infrastructure to make a viable run at the Presidency. She also was smart enough to know that she needed a substantial legislative track record of her own. So, for every truth contained in the letter, there’s an equal and opposite truth omitted. People are complex creatures and they don’t come any more complicated than Senator Clinton.

  4. I kinda blogged about this over the weekend. But I’m of the belief that inter-party Hillary hate and Obama hate are media creations.

    Yes, there have been some intense discussions on the blogs about both candidates. Yes, supporters of both candidates are passionate in their support. But I really don’t see Hillary hate from the Obama folks, or Obama hate from the Hillary folks. Most everyone I’ve talked to believes (and the folks who have posted comments on my blog thread about this seem to agree) that we have two great candidates, and we’re winners either way.

    Think of who it serves to peddle this “Democrats are divided!” narrative. The same people it always serves: the opposing party, and the media.

    I’m just not buying it.

  5. nm

    I don’t think it’s all that calculated, SB. I think it’s projection. Republicans have been vilifying Clintons for years, so naturally every Democrat who prefers Obama must, to Republican minds, hate her. Plus, they all seem to hate whichever Republican candidates they aren’t personally voting for, so we must all be the same. Projection, pure and simple.

  6. I know it’s cheesy but I thought all the sweet things you said about your brother were so very darling.

    Let’s have more brotherly love, I say!

  7. democommie


    That sounds about right.

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