Obama, Ezra Klein, and Me

Weird. I sat watching the SOTU last evening, (ALL evening, it felt like) and I made two observations to a friend of mine watching with me. One, the television coverage seemed well directed. Just at the moment POTUS brought forward a subject, there, on my screen, was a key player that subject concerned. Actually, it was quite nice. Then I remarked that it was a little unsettling to watch half of the chamber standing to applaud, while the other half stayed seated, looking, if not openly hostile, at least mildly irritated. It seems Obama had this on his mind as well.

Ezra Klein, once again, summed up the feeling I’ve had that has stopped me from going to vote already, as is my habit. I detest long lines, so I vote early, if not often. Ezra says “The Republicans are not just going to go away.” Damn skippy. Obama is selling this image of a great uniter, but, really, he hasn’t even unified his own Party. He still may, but that might be attributed to Democrats “falling in line” after the Primaries. So, my question is, what evidence to we have that he has this particular ability? Will we see Republican endorsements if he is our nominee?

I think the Convention is going to be a hoot, as they say ’round these parts. Thats probably a good thing, a public airing of our differences as Democrats is beneficial to voters.

So, today I remain firmly undecided. I’m thinking about attending an Obama meeting on Thursday, perhaps what I learn there will nudge me into the believer’s camp.


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13 responses to “Obama, Ezra Klein, and Me

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  2. I don’t know if Obama is a “great uniter,” but compared to anybody else in the race (on either side), I think he’s leaps and bounds above on that particular trait. Such is the way with political campaigns. You don’t really have to be “good” at any given thing, just better than your competition.

  3. One of my blogger friends heard O speak and he was astonished to find he got chill bumps. I may have to actually listen to one or more of these guys & gals – but after I vote in the primary of course, so it doesn’t influence my anarchy. ;)

  4. The Missus

    Si Se Puede

  5. nm

    I think Obama is a great political orator. And I like to fancy myself a connoisseur of political oratory, so that’s a compliment. But, in the end, a speech is just a speech. Great oratory can indeed motivate people, and I suppose I’d prefer a great orator who had a platform I kinda sorta liked to a mediocre orator who had a platform I kinda sorta liked just a tad more. But if a candidate has a platform I love, I’m gonna go for that candidate even if s/he isn’t such a great speaker. And that’s maybe part of the sort of reservations you’re having about Obama?

    But I appreciate the opportunity to hear the great speeches, anyway.

  6. NM, not really. I usually discount 90% of what I ear candidates say during the primaries anyway. I actually get why Obama would focus on emotion and rhetoric rather than substance at this time. It just the constant hammering on the bi-partisan point….what, exactly, is the basis for this assertion? Even if some Republicans decide to work with him to effect change, there will always be a core group of very well funded Republicans that will sabotage anything that threatens the status quo. Granted, if the Dems manage a majority after the 08 elections, he might be able to form a coalition from both parties, but so would Clinton.

  7. democommie


    I’m with you. I don’t see Obama reaching across to the folks who, at the very least, have been silent about the numerous slurs on his religion and characterizations of him as the son of a tribesman. But, then again, if George the Forgery is the “Great Uniter”, I don’t think I could stand another round of his style of bi-partisanship.

  8. Jon

    Well, I don’t think it’s so much that Obama will draw support from deep-red Republicans, but that he can bring in more of the swing votes from the support of more moderate, centrist, and even (once Paul’s out) libertarian blocks.

    That plus the fact that grassroots Republicans won’t turn out as hard to try and defeat him as they will for Hillary (seeing as talk radio has spent the last 16 years trying to convince them that she is the fire-breathing epitome of All That Is Wrong With The World)

  9. Jon, good point. If Obama gets the nod, it will be interesting to see Hillary’s level of support. It is her chance to shine, IMO.

  10. nm

    If Obama gets the nod, Clinton will sit at home until November.

  11. woody

    I won’t vote for Obama just because the right wing will attack Hillary. She has been attacked for many years and is still standing. Obama has to prove to me he is the better person for the job. Not he’s a better speaker, a uniter, a dreamer, etc. Here is why I will vote for Hilary:

    1. Tested. Conservatives hate her because of Bill, they hate Bill because he beat them for 8 years no matter what they threw at him. Both of them are still standing and producing for the party.
    2. Health Care. Her plan IS universal, and she has been fighting the health care issue longer than anybody else out there.
    3. Issues and Platform. She is much more specific than Obama. She does not just speak in platitudes.
    4. New York. She became a Senator with all eyes on her and many hopeing she would fail. She did not. She has one of the highest approval ratings from both republicans and democrats in her state (NY) and has been praised for her intelligence and productivity while in the Senate from other Senators of both parties.
    5. Civil rights, including GENDER rights. She has been involved in civil rights issues since her early political life and her work for women’s rights internationaly has been unmatched by any other current politician, either man or woman.
    6. Just to piss off Chris Matthews.

    Don’t get me wrong. I will not say anything bad about Obama. He seems like a nice enough fellow, who gives a great speech, but if I hear his “there is not two America’s there is only one America” speech again, I am going to throw up. I don’t know where he lives but in my life, there are many America’s. Black America, White America, Rich America, Poor America, Male America, Female America, Old america and Young America. So far in most of the primaries he has lost the vote of whites, latino’s, women and people over 45. That does not sound like a uniter to me. Maybe with just a little more seasoning…

  12. The Missus

    I’m all for pissing off Chris Mattews

  13. democommie

    I’m all for pissing ON Chris Matthews and the rest of those mercenary wastes of protoplasm who call themselves journalists.

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