Hows The Water, Chris?

Sigh.  Chris Matthews just finished referencing an article he found in The New Republic (which I have been unable to find, possessing a weak Google-fu and all) that essentially makes the point that pro-war conservatives do not encourage their children to serve in Iraq.  He read it like it was the first time anyone ever thought to make that point.  Has he never heard of Operation Yellow Elephant?  Or read any Liberal columnists or bloggers? Good Lord, man, many of us have believed from the jump that if this war is truly about protecting this country from terror, and preserving our whole way of life, why aren’t they pushing their children to go?  Or, better, going themselves?

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4 responses to “Hows The Water, Chris?

  1. Char

    If you are gonna start documenting the ridiculousness of Chris Matthews, we’ll have to all pitch in some cabbage to pay for all the tequila you’ll need trying to stay sane. You could end up in Detox Mansion.

  2. Then I could hang with Brittney, at least.

  3. Then again you might end up hanging out with somebody like Mel Gibson. ;)

  4. I could feast on what Mel throws out…so bring it on.

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