Weekend Randomness

Some people facing middle age feel a sense of urgency to “experience” some things they never have before.  I think the stereotypical example is the man who rushes out one day to buy a shiny red sports car, apparently to proclaim to the world that he is still young and vibrant and perhaps even relevant.  (I’m not sure what poor middle aged guys do in this instance, perhaps rent one for a day?) Some people have a fling, usually with someone a little younger.  Some people have a fling inside their shiny new sportscar, which is difficult to begin with, but particularly problematic with the onset of middle age spread.

How am I handling middle age?  Apparently, my wife and I are going through this at the same time, because we are both doing highly irrational things.  A month ago, we had 2 kids, three dogs, two cats, two horses and 5-25 hummingbirds to feed.  This is at a time when we scaled back our earnings by agreeing that I should “retire”, and be the stay at home parent and houseboy.  So, of course it makes sense that we would then start buying horses.  Now there are four.  I’m almost done with the chicken condo, so there will be even more mouths to feed, I hope the eggs help offset this new cost. ( I know NM has agreed to purchase eggs from me at a sinfully high price.)  The cows arrive in late September, and they will have to be fed until they feed us.   And every time some jerk-off whizzes past me in a red convertible I’ve taken to flipping him the bird, and hoping he gets an STD.  I think that makes me the quintessential playa- hater.

I had a light jacket on this morning!

Lastly, though I have been avoiding politics as much as possible, I want to go on the record as saying this to every frothing at the mouth psuedo patriot out there:  Get over yourself.  The MoveOn ad title was spot on.  I’m not one to glorify those in uniform, just because they wear a uniform.  There are crooks and liars that have ribbons on their chests. (Think Ollie North, William Calley) And there are bona fide heroes.

I have worked a bit for MoveOn, and there was a time that they were the only ones with the courage to publicly rage against this war, and many of us respected that fact.  I will say that the ad was probably a bad P.R. move, though.  But if Petraeus in any way dressed up his assessment to prolong his career, he did in fact betray every single one of us.

Thats all I got.

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5 responses to “Weekend Randomness

  1. You’re gonna be selling eggs? Sweet. Let me know if you start raising in cows and offering milk in glass bottles, because that is awesome.

    I have learned from experience that the middle-aged guys buying their red sports cars do not appreciate it when you call it their “midlife crisis car.” FWIW.

  2. WooHoo! Us frothing at the mouth types will be able to score all kind of points, uncontested, throughout the blogosphere, during your absence.

    I’ll mention it to Campfield at the secret meeting.
    Oh shit! Don’t tell anyone about the secret meeting; Hannity would be pissed, and you don’t want to see him pissed. His hair gets even poofier!

  3. BAHAHA. When I read the “quintessential playa-hater” part, it leads me to believe we perhaps actually be genetically linked.

  4. *May be genetically linked.
    As you can see, I am exhibiting my full intelligence.

  5. nm

    Mack, I thought I had agreed to swap some of my sinfully overpriced heirloom tomatoes for some of your eggs. And ‘Coma wants to know why you’re being so slow in getting the commune going. But otherwise, this sounds really cool.

    As for the light jacket: back in April I planted some moonflowers along the back fence. So far as I could tell, they never came up. I figured I’d plant something different next spring, and forgot about it. But this morning the husband said, “hey, why is there a paper plate stuck in the fence?” and I realized that there is a single moonflower vine out there, which has put out one single bloom. Go figure.

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