The Janitor Got To Stay

It is probably obvious I am attempting to “un-plug” for a bit.  There are a number of reasons for this, work around the farm, coupled with the usual end of school season madness, but most importantly I need some quiet time.  (It’s not just for kids!) So it is with a heavy heart that I sacked most of the crew here at C.C., some parachuted out nicely, others, sadly, will be out to take YOUR job, or become homeless drunks.

There are a number of books I’m reading, and researching some things that I believe will be very important in the near future.  I always appreciate it when people take the time to visit the Chronicles, it is my hope to offer more focused information and commentary quite soon.

Or, I may just blog about my dog’s potty habits or what I had for lunch.  Stay tuned.

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10 responses to “The Janitor Got To Stay

  1. ROFL @ firing imaginary ppl.

  2. Enjoy your quiet time (or as my daughter calls it, “time out”). :)

    When you re-engage, I’ll be looking forward to hearing about the info you learn and your viewpoints on it!

  3. Homeless drunk is definitely the way to go, man.

  4. Watching and wondering what the hell you’re talking about.
    I do understand the end of school stuff, but I have a feeling your working on something important.
    Enjoy your sabbatical. Hope you still hang out with us on-line some.

  5. Please don’t stress too much about Peak Oil.

    We’ll see you soon.

  6. I’m good with the dogs’ potty habits. Especially your dogs, because I am enamored with all three of them.

    Whatever the case, I’ll miss you but enjoy the off time. With Rex gone and now you on vacation, if Smiley or Hutch or Sarcastro should decide to take sabbaticals I’m gonna have to hurt somebody. Hee.

  7. I’ve updated your listing in my links. Ahem. :)

  8. LOL…let’s see how long it takes him to figure out which one it is…

  9. Bwahaha…. this is like watching a war, but a funny one. :D

  10. nm

    Look, I know I was away and not coming by to see if you had any new posts up, but you don’t need to take it so hard.

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