Clinton in a Walk

She’s not my personal choice right now, but she was clearly head and shoulders above the field tonight. More later.

I dug watching Gravel (I LOVE his resume’) and Kucinich sing out, though.  The poor bobbing heads that pass for “experts” almost wet themselves trying to paint those two as “out of touch”.  Shit, they said things that needed to be said.  Someone threw out the word “naive”, apparently because Kucinich is convinced that pre-emptive war as an instrument of policy is a failed strategy.  Except that he is right.  I get that the “top-tier” candidates can’t frame their arguments in quite the same way.  But guys like Gravel and Kucinich serve an important purpose.  I fear that when we snap to the fact that they are right, it may well be too late.

Obama never got his feet under him.  He seemed hesitant, and his inexperience with this format showed.  No matter, his supporters won’t be bothered in the least.  Rumor has it he’s a quick learner, and he may turn in quite a performance in the next parade of personalities.

Richardson looked distracted, almost.  Was he having difficulty hearing?  Clumsy reiteration of his resume once again.  Shame.  I really like Bill.

No, this one was an easy call.  Hillary had the most to lose, and she looked poised, and relaxed.  She nailed her answers, and managed the clock well.  If she manages to go through these without raising her voice, she’s the odds on favorite every time.

Nice work, Howard.


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5 responses to “Clinton in a Walk

  1. I got home just in time to miss it entirely. *kicks self*

  2. Gravel and Kucinich did very well. FYI, I have a picture of Kucinich in my room (Mother thinks he looks like Spock, but I don’t see it).

    My man Barak didn’t do as well as I had hoped, and his health-care “plan” had little if any substance. Edwards, on the other hand, I thought did quite well on the health-care issue.

    I would really like to see Obama and Edwards on the ticket!

  3. Mack, I don’t watch televised ‘debates’ any more. I would explain, but The Daily Howler does it for me today. I have no problems with debates in theory, but the sort of corporate media clowning in which they are buried makes them less than productive.

  4. I hear ya, but I got out of watching “Survivor”.

  5. Survivor? I pretty much hate most “reality” tv with a passion.

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