Falling Behind

Storms tonight, I hear.  It’s funny to watch the little dog shake all over at the slightest bit of thunder…I guess it isn’t funny to him.   I get to take my daughter to her State Finals for Future Problem Solvers this weekend.  I like her teammates, and i may have mentioned that the topic they were assigned was caring for our elderly, I think.  They don’t give you much of a heads up.  Anyway, school projects dominate this time of year, and of course there are horses to train, and always always always grass to mow, and a garden to tend.

I need a “Big Love” kind of set-up.  I wonder if it’s hard to become a Mormon…

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23 responses to “Falling Behind

  1. Wait, wait, wait. You have so much to do–school projects, horses, mowing, gardening–that you want to add more wives and kids to the mix?

    Wouldn’t that be more work?

    But, hey, if you’re looking to surround yourself with houses full of charming women, I could be persuaded to move into one like this.

  2. I’m in as long as I get to choose which “wifely duties” I am responsible for…hehehe ;)

  3. Yeah, I’m not cleaning. I’ll cook and help with dishes, but I’m not cleaning or folding laundry. Also, will we get to fool around with our sister-wives?

  4. Cleaning, cooking, dishes, and laundry weren’t the wifely duties I had in mind… hee! ;)

  5. Hey, I won’t even ask for a new house. I’ll be happy to live in the cabin.

  6. nm

    Mack, are you gonna support all the wives so they’ll have time to fulfill themselves and become the women they want/ought to be?

  7. Good point, nm…he will be responsible for fulfilling all of our needs, as well as financial support, in return for an occasional pat on the back and encouragement as he tills his garden. Something along the lines of: “Good job, Mack…you mow sooo good…oh, you missed a spot, but you are still a good farmer.” That should be sufficient.

  8. I’ll do all the cleaning except picking shit up and putting it away. I hate that part. And I don’t change diapers no’ mo’. Or do windows. Just kidding, I love to wash windows.

  9. I’m chuckling at how all these women in your comments are just assuming they’re the extra wives you want. I mean, we both KNOW they ARE, but I think it’s funny how there’s not even a question in anyone’s comments.

  10. Kate, Kate, Kate…. we are VOLUNTEERING, not assuming. Hehe.

    And just keeping in theme with the harem-themed weekend. Giggle.

  11. Kate: ha! We’re probably the only “wives” who would tolerate him! hee!

  12. LOL…I kinda like Mormans.

  13. nm

    I prefer the Nepalese setup, myself.

  14. Eli: I do, too. They helped me rake my leaves last fall.

  15. NM, is that where a woman can marry a family of brothers?

  16. nm

    Yeah, or sometimes they’re male cousins. But closely related guys, anyway.

  17. Wow, just checked in, nice to see everyone.

    Sadly, at my age, extra wives simply mean the work is spread out among the extra hands…some will have to work outside the home, clearly, as I will have a policy that I never leave the property, except to vacation.

    The upside for y’all is, I don’t care if you wander off to spend time with a boyfriend. Just have your chores done first.

  18. I am not marrying anyone.
    The end.
    No harems, unless it’s mine.

  19. It’s okay, Mack…they have Viagra for guys your age who have multiple wives to satisfy.

  20. Could I marry all of the actors from “Band of Brothers,” nm? I could go for that, for sure.

  21. newscoma, I’ll be in your harem! :)

  22. nm

    B, I guess you could marry the ones who were left at the end of the show/war, after they had bonded. The idea of marrying brothers/cousins is that they all have family loyalty and cooperate instead of fighting, plus any children can easily be accepted by all of them. Now, in Nepal, they seem to take the blood relationship thing seriously, but if a bunch of actors has reached that pinnacle of brotherliness, why not?

  23. Ginger you would have all the prime time programming in my harem.

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