This lampshade looked better on me last night…

I woke up feeling a little sheepish. I think I kicked The Professor out of her chair and demanded that I be allowed to play euchre,* and of course the agave plant is to blame for me being so insistent. (Sorry) Who knew that this little gathering of women, wait, strike that, this little gathering of incredible, accomplished, and infinitely patient group of women boasted so many ex-biker chicks? Rachel is an animal.  Even I can’t slam a shot, lick salt from my hand, and bite a lime while careening down a slope on a four-wheeler. Humbling, let me tell you. Ivy too, was scary as all get out, but I enjoyed watching her make her hula girl tattoo dance a bit. I thought it was cool that The Lynnster felt comfortable enough with us to sleep sitting straight up at the dinner table. NM treated me so nice, even after I drunkenly snatched her hat off her head and strutted around with it. An amazing group.

Food, my God was there food. There were tamales, fake tamales, mac n cheese, discarded Mothership veggies, chicken breasts, fruit bats, breakfast cereals, and every sweet thing on the planet. Someone paid homage to my ancestry and made honest to God fry bread. People brought tequila. I remember that. I didn’t wash a dish, did I mention that?

I really enjoyed meeting everyone. Aunt B has an amazing circle of friends, and I was thankful that so many showed up yesterday to eat, drink, and laugh. Truly, B, you are richer for these friendships.

* I want it on record that I completely kicked Coble’s ass at euchre, even though I had to carry my partner. I’ll be checking her blog later for the inevitable excuses.


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19 responses to “This lampshade looked better on me last night…

  1. Nothing was as funny as the hip thrusts of victory you did in Coble’s face after you won.

    That little display of sportsmanship is going to have everyone at that table in therapy for years.

  2. Carried your partner, ha. Ha. Ha. Note to Mack: Every time I bid it, I *had* it. TYVM.

  3. You may want to re-think any attitude you cop with me, at least until you know what I am holding that belongs to you….

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  5. nm

    Aww, that’s OK, Mack, the hat looked almost as good on you as it does on me, anyway.

  6. Malia

    Thanks so much for your hospitality! It was such a wonderful evening. And thanks for being patient with me on the four wheeler – it’s been years since I drove one and as much as I wanted to really throw caution to wind and kick it down dead man’s hill – I sadly was fearing for the fate of my contact lenses and wondering how I would drive home without them!

    And it occurred to me after I got in the car and was about off your property that I was mistaken in something I said to your wife- so sorry! I felt like an idiot then entire way home and even found myself cringing as I tried to go to sleep last night.

    Did anyone happen to bring my Apples 2 Apples game home with them?

  7. Malia, whatever you said didn’t merit mention this morning at my house. She is quite stoic, and abhors drama of any kind. Don’t sweat it.

  8. Malia, I had to edit your comment just a little. Sorry.

  9. no problem and seeing your edit, maybe I’m just seriously confused

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  11. Dude, that was SO much fun. I had a great time talking with you. Thank you for being such a gracious host.

  12. Thanks Mack for a really great time.
    You, dude, are one cool hip daddy.

  13. Thank you for opening your home to all of us. You were the most gracious host, and I appreciate you sharing your time and friendship. I am blessed to call you friend.

    Ladies, I will be posting pics soon. :)

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  15. Mack,
    Thanks so much for hosting us. The four-wheeler was awesome. I had a great time. :)

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  17. Mack,

    What a great night and a pleasant morning, despite all the heavy lifting. Thanks so much for allowing Newscoma, Lynnster and me to crash at your cottage.
    And even better, thanks for opening your home to us for breakfast.
    If you’re ever in Hooterville, crank up the old phone and give us a holler.

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