Because Public Welfare Requires It

Let me get this straight, Rep. Campfield, if a woman is beaten and raped by an abusive boyfriend or husband, you want to force her to not only endure the pregnancy and subsequent birth, but if she hires a lousy attorney, and loses in a bid for protection, you want to make her financially responsible for ALL court costs?

Next thing you know, he’ll try and steal her winnings if she happens to pick the powerball numbers.

I don’t know about you, but I’m running out of reasons to donate to this guy’s re-election campaign…

H/T Knox Views

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7 responses to “Because Public Welfare Requires It

  1. I was rather enjoying Randall Neal’s updates at KnoxViews today, especially the one where he wondered if RoboRep wrote it himself since there were lots of big words used. Heh.

    Hey, I like this template a bunch. We need to find you a nice coyote-related header of some sort. Perhaps The Photoshop/Slash/Squirrel Queen could come up with something cool for you, she’s awfully good at that stuff…

  2. (“wrote it himself” = wrote one of his dumb proposed bills himself) (Sheesh.)

  3. I’ve grown weary of Campy’s antics.

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  5. Ooo. Some kind of coyote header would be awesome.

  6. I know that squirrel queen could give you an awesome header.
    I sorta know her.
    B will get this.

  7. Newscoma, that made me laugh so hard. “I sorta know her.” I should hope so.

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