Cause I can’t be there today.

Sadly, I cannot make it to Sarcastro’s party today, which is a shame because I had some shit planned. I know that you will get all manner of handy kid stuff. Most experienced parents will be getting you “onesies”, I should think, because you can never have enough of those. Diapers, diaper bags, strollers, car seats (which only your very best friends will spring for) and, of course, the hats. People love to put hats on babies. So, I know that you will get all the “stuff’ you need, and that today you and your lovely wife will be getting way more attention than you deserve. No matter, have fun, enjoy your friends, collect all the loot you can, while I put together a short welcome for your new baby. Since i do not know the gender of the baby (do you?) I will only know the name if it’s a boy. If a girl arrives, I’m stumped. I guess I will just make up a girl’s name to use in the greeting….

Dear Mack/Betsy, welcome to the planet. I am very excited that you are here. As you know, well, as you know on a cellular level anyway, you are an Indigo Child. As such, it will be your destiny to enlighten your parents. i’m pretty sure you will have an easy time of this with your mother, I don’t know her, but suffice to say that any soul that managed to find enough redeeming qualities in your father to marry him must be in line for sainthood. So, strictly from a time management level, you should concentrate on dad. He likes to think of himself as an independent thinker, part Libertarian, part Nathaniel Branden. Let him have this as long as you can. What HE thinks of himself is infinitely less important than what he actually is. On those days that his alter ego, Sarcastro, starts spouting off about something that you know is universally wrong, (an indigo would say unenlightened), just smile and enjoy watching him on his path. It’s what i do. He will do his level best to instill “values” in you that he thinks are important, self reliance, a good work ethic, loyalty, and so forth, not realizing that you already know about these things, again, at a cellular level. To his credit, he will attempt to teach you those things by example. The day will come in your life when the veil is lifted, and you begin to clearly see your own path. This is when the real work begins. While you go about nurturing the planet back to a healthy state, you may be in for some scathing commentary from dear old dad. The trick for you, I think, will be to continue your important work, while letting your father think his opinion actually figures into your lifework. Feel free to contact one of the Wise Ones for assistance with this. I am usually available. Anyway, the village will soon celebrate your arrival, rumor has it the Queen herself is attending the party today in your honor! Be well, baby Mack/Betsy, see you soon!

Note: I know they promised you an animal guide on this planet back at Indigo Child HQ, and you may yet get one. Do not, under any circumstances, mistake the Hypno-dog for this guide. Because it reportedly possesess a soul, you of course must treat it with the same respect you give any living thing, even when it shits all over the carpet you are about to crawl around on…sorry, not my department.


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8 responses to “Cause I can’t be there today.

  1. Well,hell.
    I didn’t know you moved.

  2. Oops on outing you to early.
    I expect a flogging.

  3. Remind me to poke you in your third-eye chakra next time I see you, Carlos Castaneda.

  4. Ha, I’m glad you both came to the shower and wrote this moving note to the baby. I think they should just go ahead and name the baby Mack/Betsy and cause years of chaos as the poor little guy tries to find a / on the name section of all those standardized tests.

  5. You couldn’t stay away…you are such a softie.
    Too bad you couldn’t find the ultimate Sarcastro gift: “Why Mommie is a Democrat”.

  6. Mack/Betsy is a fine name.
    Of course, Coma/Mack/Betsy has a great ring to it as well and I think you could dance to it.

  7. Many thanks to all that wandered over to say hey. I enjoyed the shower, which shocked me a little. Newscoma, I’m dancing as fast as I can.

  8. welcome to the city of light..congrats on leaving the Dark side..despite your word that you weren’t coming, it was damn good to see ya.

    Keeping that parchment theme goin’, eh?

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