Silly, silly, Sarcastro

Most people know that our dog, Chip, occassionally browses through area blogs, and particularly likes N.I.T. because he knows Brittney is way cool about animals. So when I heard him laughing his furry little ass off, (howling, you could say) I ran into my office to find him pointing at the monitor and making less than flaterring remarks about Sarcastro’s “Hypno-dog.” Now, personally, I’m not one to make disparaging comments about people’s beloved pets, and really, she’s not THAT ugly, but Chip just wouldn’t stop having fun at her expense. He said something positive though, called her a “DILF.” (anybody?) He thought putting that mutt on the web was a poor choice by Sarcastro…

He also demonstrated an easy defense against being hynotized into buying used appliances…
(see above)

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2 responses to “Silly, silly, Sarcastro

  1. v_bee

    Hi Mack,

    Not sure how I initially stumbled across your words, but last weekend I saw them again, when you challenged Sharon Cobb (not sure which site we were on) to provide concrete proof of the ridiculous statements she made about United4Peace being an anti Israeli organization. I was going to question her also, but you said it all, and so eloquently, that I chose not to.

    On her blog, someone challenged her the same way you did, and she still could not provide any proof. After twice answering the question in a reasonably pleasant (?) manner (with no substance), she finally came back and dropped the F-bomb all over her final post, and asked that she not be called a liar. A liar, maybe not, but a spinner of the truth, as “seasoned” journalists are want to do. Spin until it fits your story.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your writing, both the style and substance, and I will probably be stoppin’ by once in a spare moment. I don’t know TN politics well, as I live in CA, but most issues are universal. We are dealing with the English first thing out here, too.

    Not sure why I chose this post to reply, guess your cute dog caught my eye, so I had to read it. Still want to know what DILF means? Sadly, I can enlighten you if you are curious (thanks to my pubescent nephews).

    Have a grand weekend,


  2. Welcome vb, I appreciate you stopping by.

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